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What is a puja set?

A puja set is a set which hindus use to worship. It is found in a shrine or Mandir (hindu temple) It contains a tray, bell, figure of Ganesha (21cm), incense holder, aum symbo (MORE)

What is puja ritual?

Puja is a sacred practice that Hindu people perform on different occasions to worship, pray or show respect to their deities. best of luck!

What is on a puja tray?

A Puja tray usually contains: . A pot of water for ritual cleansing. . A bell to call the family to worship. . A tiny pot of the red gum gum paste to mark the forehead. T (MORE)

How do you describe Puja?

Puja means Worship. In Hinduism puja is performed in praise of God either by singing vedic mantras, hymns, songs, shlokas, aartis and verses or by performing the Yagyas

When does Puja happen?

pooja can happen when one feels like organising it, or it can happen if a person or family wished for something and it happenned or it can be a ritual for a particular clan to (MORE)
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What is on a puja tray and why?

there is a bell a picutre of one of the gods. there is a bell on the puja tray because they use it to jingle it and it respects the gods because it makes them feal welcome and (MORE)

What is the purpose of puja?

Purpose of puja is to worship God and make him happy. By doing pujaone can get all he wants in his life.