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Characters of sa pula sa puti?

Kulas - cockfight addict Celing - his wise wife Sioning - Celing's friend Teban - Celing's helper Castor - Kulas' friend; antagonist of the story
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Why in botswana did they name the curreny Pula?

Pula means rain.there is little rain in Botswana and people in Botswana value it so much that they decided to have their currency named Pula to show it's importance
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What is the climax in sa pula sa puti?

kulas went to the cockfight with his rooster, but knowing that caling, his wife, bet against him he has to choose whether to win and have fame anf fortune, or to lose but let (MORE)
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What is the flight time from gatwick to pula airport?

The flight time from London Gatwick in the UK to Pula in Croatia isapproximately 2 hours and 4 minutes. The exact travel time will vary as it depends on factors such asweathe (MORE)
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What has the author Jane Pula written?

Jane Pula has written: 'Comparing the influence on the mass market of the couture designers and the young London designers'
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Who built the Pula Arena?

The arena of Pula was built by the Romans. It is a Romanamphitheatre and it was an arena for the gladiatorial games. It wasfirst built in timber under the reign of the emperor (MORE)