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Where is the idler pully on a 1997 cavalier?

\n Answer \n. \nGet a standard 3/8" socket wrench, just the socket wrench, you don't need any sockets. Look on the idler pulley bracket for a square hole in the bracket. (MORE)
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How does a pully work?

you pull the string or chain then the load comes up
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What is a pully used for?

A pully is used to lift heavy things you normally would havedifficulty lifting with your bare hands.
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What is an idler pully?

An idler pulley is a pulley that does not drive and is not connected to any device that is driven. It serves to either tension a belt or to route a belt to clear an obstacle.
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What is a pully and belt?

A pulley is a wheel with a groove and a the belt is what runs through those grooves which spins the pulley. The pulley spins which turns a pump in a power steering pump or coi (MORE)
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What is a fixed pully?

a fixed pulley is a pulley that stays at one place to pick up an object. A clothes hanger is a fixed pulley.....this is all i know good luck...
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What are pullies?

A pulley is a simple machine consisting of a wheel with a grooved rim in which a pulled rope can run to change the direction of the pull.
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What does a pully look like?

(Pulley) It is a wheel with a grooved rim for carrying a line that turns in a frame or block. When one end of the line is pulled a weight can be raised at the other end of the (MORE)
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What is the mechanical advantage of three pullies?

It depends on how you arrange the pullies and what you mean by 'three'. A pulley block can have 3 sheeves, it would have to be used in conjunction with another pulley block wi (MORE)
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How old is pully d?

pauly is 24 years old and he'll be 25 in october
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How do you measure pully size?

There are four steps on how to measure pulley size. One of the step-by-step instructions is to diameter of driven pulley) times (revolutions of driven pulley) divided by (revo (MORE)
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What is the function of the pully assembly on the alternator?

that is the drive assembly which the power provided by the rotation of the crankshaft and through the engine drive belt causes the rotaion of the alternator which produces the (MORE)
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Why pully jam in motor?

Usually because the belt loosened, or the pulley is mis-aligned.
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What does a pully do?

A pully is used to lift thing depending on how big the obJect is
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What is a pully And how does it work?

A pully is something that has a pully circle and you can just pullon it to make the object move but if the object is heaver then youyou need to put a movable pully so it is ea (MORE)