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Who hears a cat purring?

everyone (dependind how good their hearing is). everyone (depending how good their hearing is).
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Why has your Cat stopped meowing and purring?

if it has stopped purring and meowing then you should go to the vet because it is probably DEAD . actually you are wrong about it being dead. Because my cat who is about a y (MORE)
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Does purring in cats burn calories?

Purring does burn calories in a cat. Anything a cat does requiresenergy. Energy is gained by calories in a cat's diet.
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Does a cat purring have 20 decibels?

This varies from cat to cat. I have had cats that don't purr at all and some that purr quite loudly. I would not be surprised if my current kitten purred at least 20 dB.
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What does it mean when a cats purring?

Well, some say it means happiness. In truth, purring is a sign of emotion. It can be any emotion. Not necessarily happiness.
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What is Pur-cellin oil?

Cellin oil is made from lavender, rosemary, camomile extracts along with candula vitamin a and e. it is quickly absorbed by the skin with out an oily feeling.
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What is the scientific name for a purring cat?

The scientific name for a domestic cat is Felis catus. A cat that is purring does not have a different name than a cat who is not purring. A purr is just a characteristic of a (MORE)
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Is a cats purring voluntary or involuntary?

A cat purrs when it is happy, which usually happens when they are shown affection. Depending of the personality of the cat, they will voluntarily purr when they are, for insta (MORE)
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What in a cat makes the purring sound?

The reason is not known, they purr when relaxed, when sick or when in pain. There is not known feature that is responsible for the sound.
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Is purring for a cat involuntary?

No, it is voluntary; cats do it to indicate pleasure, but they also do it to modulate their meow sound when they are looking for attention or food.
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How do you say purring in Japanese?

Basic form: ゴロゴロ言っている (gorogoro itte iru) Polite form: ゴロゴロ言っています (gorogoro itt (MORE)