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Why do puris float on the oil while frying?

Puris are small, round, flat pieces of bread made of unleavenedwheat flour. They float on the oil while frying because the hot oilmakes them puff up and fill with air. Since a (MORE)
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What is tamato pury?

In Indian cuisine it is Tomato Puri which is a fried ball made from tomato puree spices and flour. It can be added to curries or made into breads here are some recipe links (MORE)
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What is English name of pani-puri?

The panipuri originated from the Magadh region of India, present day South Bihar. The English meaning of golgappa is "watery indian bread" or "crisp sphere eaten" Literary men (MORE)
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Why do puris float on oil?

At first when you put the puri in hot oil, it sinks but after it has cooked the air bubbles trapped in the puri flour cause the puri to expand and thus make it lighter.
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Why puries are fried in oil only?

Puries are fried in oil only because of the type of dough it is. When it is fried it puffs up into a ball. Some things puri is served with are dal,korma, and halwa.
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What movie and television projects has Koel Purie been in?

Koel Purie has: Played Seleena Chowdhury in "Holby City" in 1999. Played WPC Charlie Carter in "The Vice" in 1999. Played Travel Agent in "As If" in 2001. Played Neeraj in "In (MORE)
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What has the author Thomas Pury written?

Thomas Pury has written: 'A reply made by Mr. Thomas Pury, alderman of Glovcester, unto two gentlemen of the long robe and two knights of the Hovse of Commons touching episc (MORE)
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What has the author Roland de Pury written?

Roland de Pury has written: 'Que veut dire la Bible?' -- subject(s): Bible, Outlines, syllabi, Study 'La maison de Dieu' -- subject(s): Church, Foundation, Trinity