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What is enzyme purity?

Answer: on a general basis the purity of an enzyme can be described as the degree of amount of enzyme required to catalyze a specific reaction amount of enzyme being in ( Full Answer )
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What is a purity ring?

Answer: If you don't want to be overly religious about it, or you are offering it to a younger child, you can have other names for it. my two daughters always called theirs ( Full Answer )
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What is Teen Purity?

it's where you don't have sex until you married. only having sex with one partner that you have a holy matrimony with. staying a virgin. It is a comminetment to not have s ( Full Answer )
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What is purity?

Purity is the condition of being pure, not contaminated, mixed, or blended with anything else-not one small thing!
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How can you find purity?

Purity is the work of God the Holy Spirit happening within a person's soul (e.g. mind and heart). When a person places their faith in the person of Jesus Christ accepting God' ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get a purity ring?

The biggest seller I know of is James Avery. If you want to find something more individual, try any Christian magazine. They usually have some pages of ring choices from diffe ( Full Answer )
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Can Jews wear purity rings?

i think that we can. Just because we are Jewish does not stop us pledging to god. I mean we do believe he exsists. So yes i think we can
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What finger does a purity ring go on?

A purity ring is USUALLY put on your left ring finger and then replaced with your wedding ring when you get married. Some put it on their left pinky or their right ring finge ( Full Answer )
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Were do you get purity rings?

You can get them at most jewelery stores. Depending on how fancy you want them to be, they can be anywhere from $25-$700.
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Were can you get a purity ring?

Not of this world has a bunch of them that are specifically designed to be purity rings but you can wear any type of ring as a purity ring. I have a friend who has a ring with ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get purity rings?

I just found a really cool ring on this website called they have the coolest selections, not just the normal stupid ones, but actually some cool on ( Full Answer )
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What does a purity ring do?

a purity ring doesn't DO anything. it just states a fact that you've promised that you wont have sex till you're married.
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What is a purity necklace?

A Purity necklace is the same as a purity ring. The difference is it is just a necklace instead of a ring but it means the same thing. I have a purity necklace myself and if y ( Full Answer )
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What do you have to do to get a purity ring?

It's more of a personal commitment of promising yourself to god and the person you will marry. No one has to write down their personal promise, but it's always cool to write d ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with purity?

hi Promiscuity, ambiguity, insecurity/security, annuity, futurity go/stand/ surety immaturity impurity insecurity maturity obscurity (social) security
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Who is in Purity forest?

Purity Forest is an area in the game Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.There are various Pokémon in this area. For example, there isPidgey.
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Who were the Purity Crusaders?

They were a group of people that supported moral reforms and wanted to get rid of all vice and sin during the Progressive Movement. Their leader was Anthony Comstock. Two succ ( Full Answer )
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What is the purity of diamonds?

All diamonds are 100% carbon, so all diamonds in that sense arepure. However, diamonds can contain inclusions or flaws, that isincomplete or mal-formed crystals. Gem-quality d ( Full Answer )
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Where do you get a purity ring from?

There are many ways to find purity rings. If you are looking to find them locally you can look through the yellow pages for local jewelry shops or you can go online and Google ( Full Answer )
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What is voice purity?

Purity or clarity means that a tone is produced accurately. This quality is produced by proper breathing as a source of energy, by the vocal cords, which act as vibrators, and ( Full Answer )
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What were purity crusaders?

They where a group of people who wanted moral reform in the late 1800's to the early 1900's. Some of the things they supported where prohibition, and the eradication or VD. ( Full Answer )
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From where can i get my purity ring?

Purity rings are available in many jewelry stores in malls aroundthe country. Check with Zales, Kay Jewelers and other fine outlets.
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Do you have a purity ring?

Nope, never did, never would, not in a billion trillion lifetimes would I ever wear a purity ring.
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What is the symbol for purity?

Renaissance symbols of purity included lilies, pearls, andunicorns. The Celtic Ogham symbol of the fir is a symbol of purityand the Celtic circle symbolizes pureness in energy ( Full Answer )
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When do you get purity?

Purity is not something you get it is something you have to chose for yourself. It is a choice to stay true to your future husband/wife until marriage. Being cautious and maki ( Full Answer )
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What is level of purity?

when the level of purity of a drug is 10 % that means the drug will properly work if the amount that is mentioned on the strip vary between 10 %. If it has a lower amount or h ( Full Answer )
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What is a purity of gold?

Gold is the purest of almost all metals and this where the term purity of gold comes from it means the metal is not changed from it's original state in the ground to its state ( Full Answer )
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Who is purity the hedgehog?

as far of offical sonic characters, purity is not one of them. purity would be a fan character. (not real characters that people create for there own enjoyment, but not by SEG ( Full Answer )
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What is chiral purity?

Chiral compounds are optically active, that means they rotate polarized light to the left or to the right depending on their configuration
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What does purity men?

You should use a dictionary purity: . pu·ri·ty. pu·ri·ty [pyrətee]. ( plural pu·ri·ties ) n . 1. . freedom from contaminants: the absence ( Full Answer )
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How did they get the purity chalice?

Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Pluto got the special gifts in their own pure heart, the special gifts made a triangle and in the middle of the triangle is the purity ( Full Answer )
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What is purity flour?

Purity Flour is a brand name, the same as Quaker Oats is a brand name. Generally speaking, Purity flour is a good quality all-purpose white flour. You can use any all-purpo ( Full Answer )
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What is criteria of purity?

The criteria of purity of a compund isÊdetermined at it melting point.ÊA pure compound a definate melting point. While an impure substance has an indefinate melting poin ( Full Answer )