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Diamond and purle?

1.its spelled pearl. 2.what about diamond and 'purle'
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Why does knitting curl up when purling?

Knitting curls when you make stockinette stitch (knit a row then purl a row and repeat). For a technical explanation of why this happens consult the TechKnitter link below.
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What is purling?

Purling is knitting the purl stitch.
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What is the wooden support under the purlings in the middle of the attic?

just want to no what is the wooden support under the purlings is called and can i take it out, the wooden support goes across the middle of the attic, it looks like a king pos (MORE)
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How do you make 1 in purling?

You Make One in purling very much the same way you do with knitting. You pick up the new stitch using either the bridge yarn between the stitches or the stitch below the next (MORE)
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What happens when a child gets a purle lip and hand?

This can be the cause of poor circulation. If the child is an infant, take the infant to a doctor immediately. If the child is an older child, make sure they are alert and awa (MORE)
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What do the initials PURLS represent?

The initials PURLS represent 'persistent uniform resource locators'. It is a form on online marketing that involves using simple URL's in order to get more hits.
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What movie and television projects has Terri Purles been in?

Terri Purles has: Played Sarah in "The Miracles of Jesus" in 1989. Played Rebecca in "The Good Samaritan" in 1989. Played Boy in "The Savior in America" in 1989. Played Daught (MORE)
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What has the author Cookie Purle written?

Cookie Purle has written: 'Anmatyerre word list' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, Anmatyerre language, English language, Anmatyerre, English