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What were the jobs for a weaver in Medieval times?

WEAVER Weavers held many talents and abilities that were useful and practical in Medieval society. Their work ranged from weaving clothes and baskets to making durable fu (MORE)
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What jobs did peasants do in medieval times?

Peasants were usually uneducated and only able to do menial laboror farming jobs. They usually worked the land on a manor estate,paying rent by providing the Lord with their h (MORE)
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What was the job of a summoner in medieval times?

A Summoner was a man who delivered summonses for alleged public sinners to appear at the Archdeacon's ecclesiastical court when accused of public immorality. The job offered o (MORE)
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What was the job of a miller in Medieval Times?

A medieval miller was a person who managed mills of the medieval times to grind wheat in order to make bread. They were sometimes also bakers of this time.
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What jobs did witches have in Medieval Times?

The term witch in medieval times meant someone who worshipped Satan and worked black magic, even if they did something good with their magic its source was the devil. They wer (MORE)
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What was the job of the friar in medieval times?

A friar was a sort of monk whose work was in a secular community rather than in a monastery. Friars did all sorts of things to serve the needs of the community, including prea (MORE)
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What was the job of a clerk in Medieval Times?

No clerks, no jobs as a clerk. People made or grew what they sold to the manor or at market directly to the person who wanted it. There were no stores for a clerk to work in s (MORE)
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What jobs were in medieval times?

Queen King Minster Baker Cook Servant Peasant Blacksmith Prince Princess Knight foot knight Duke gate keeper Messenger (MORE)
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What was a knights job in medieval times?

A medieval knight's job was to protect his people, the castle and lands, the King and other nobles superior to the knight. Also to gointo battle whenever needed. This also in (MORE)
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What is a job of a blacksmith in medieval times?

Blacksmiths did simple work with iron. They made and repaired farm equipment and often took care of shoeing horses. They might have made swords and such things, but not common (MORE)
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What jobs did princesses have in Medieval times?

The only "job" of a princess was to marry whomever the king decreed she should marry (to further land holdings, wealth and power) and then produce at least 'an heir and a spar (MORE)
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What was the job of a herald in medieval times?

A herald was originally a messenger, typically of a king or high ranking member of the nobility. As such their jobs were like those of ambassadors. In later times, they came t (MORE)
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What was the job of a noble in Medieval Times?

Nobles such as knights had the job of protecting the manors when they were attacked.They also had to make laws and discuss stragities of war with the king in the great hall an (MORE)
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What was the jobs like in medieval times?

Soldier, farmer, miller, poleturner, fletcher, tanner, priest, monk, weaponsmith, blacksmith, , alchemist, barber/surgeon, wheelwright, cooper, silversmith to name a few.
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In Medieval Times what was A bishops job?

A bishop fulfilled various different roles at different times inthe Medieval era. They served as both the head of a diocese (and so officially controlled the religiousestabli (MORE)
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What was a stewards job in Medieval Times?

A steward was an administrative official who ran the affairs of a feudal lord in the lord's place. This may have been due to the absence of the lord in military service, or be (MORE)
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What was the job of an apprentice in the medieval times?

The job of the apprentice was to serve his master in whatever way the master required. In the process, the apprentice was expected to learn the skills required to become a mas (MORE)
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What was the job of a stonemason in medieval times?

Stonemasons worked and dressed stone. They made stone blocks for all sorts of construction, but especially castles and churches. Since many stone buildings were decorated with (MORE)
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What job did the tanner do in medieval times?

A tanner in the Middle Ages did the same as a tanner does now, which is to make leather, although the process is far less unpleasant nowadays. After an animal such as cattle, (MORE)
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What was the job of a smith in medieval times?

he made the chain mail and all the weapons, he also fixed weapons and did it all on an anvil which back then was the top of the range blacksmith tool.
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What was the job of a yeoman in Medieval Times?

A yeoman was an independent farmer who had his own land. Apart from farming, he had duties to be ready to serve as a soldier, usually as an archer. There is a link below to a (MORE)
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What was the job of a prioress in medieval times?

A prioress was the head of a group of nuns. She was responsible for managing the activities of the nuns, both religious and not. She administered discipline, made decisions on (MORE)
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What job would a medieval lord have?

The lord had to protect the king (and/or any other class) in exchange for land. Then, they rent off their land to knights, who, in exchange, protected the lords and kings.
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What was the job of abbot in Medieval Times?

The role of an abbot was to head an abbey, which was usually a large-size monastery with up to 150 monks. The Rule of St Benedict sets out the kind of man an abbot ought to be (MORE)