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Which is better Diddy Kong raciing ds or Mario cart racing?

Mario Kart. It has been around longer, has more characters, and more courses, not to mention online play. Diddy Kong Racing isn't that god. You can even play as Diddy Kong IN ( Full Answer )
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Is Barack Obama a racis man?

If you mean racist, this is a myth spread by conservative talk show host Glenn Beck. There is no evidence to support it. The president has white friends and black friends; whi ( Full Answer )
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Is saggin a racis word?

I Believe That "Saggin" is a racist word. White people started using the word "saggin" Once Blacks started to wear there pant's Low. Now, Think . Saggin - Saggin Spelled Backw ( Full Answer )
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Are Miley's Photos too racy?

Yes they are too racy for a 18 girl to dress like that. Her parenets would be disinpoint for her photos she should not dress like that not for fans
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What does it mean when a man suggests racy reading material to a woman?

It means he is testing the waters to see how far sexually the woman in question is willing to go and hopefully she will be turned on by the reading material. Some women have b ( Full Answer )
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Mileys tca dance to racy?

I wouldn't say it would be racy. Billy Ray Cyrus even approved of it. wow;what a family. HAHA. ;)
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Which opera was not accepted to well in the beginning due to being to racy?

George Bizet's opera Carmen was originally thought to be too racy. It first appeared at Paris' Opera Comique where such subjects as gypsies and ilicit love affairs and murde ( Full Answer )
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Why is it dangerous posting racy photos?

IP's are traceable and most servers not secure. You could be "noticed" and targeted. You could also be recognized when you are out and the photos could be considered an invita ( Full Answer )
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When was Remington Arms sold to Raci Holdings?

Remington Arms Co., Inc. Remington, once owned by a Delaware holding company, DuPont Chemical and Energy Operations, Inc., was sold to Raci Holding in the early 2000s.
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Is Austin tx a racies state?

Austin, Texas is a city, not a state. That means that the answer to your question is no, even without going to the bother of figuring out what "racies" is supposed to mean.
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Is the rebel flag racies?

the rebel flag not racies it was never on a slavery ship. blacks and whits difend that flag
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Is Mitt Romney racis?

yes, and do you know how i know? he wore a shirt that said put the white back in the white house and he whats to run for presedent so we don't have another black president ( Full Answer )
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What are some synonyms of the term 'racy'?

There are many synonyms for the term racy. Some of these synonyms of the term racy would include lively, spicy, spirited, strong, tart, witty, and zesty.
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What movie and television projects has Paul Raci been in?

Paul Raci has: Played Priest in "L.A. Law" in 1986. Played Waiter in "Rent-a-Cop" in 1987. Played Dan in "Baywatch" in 1989. Played Perry in "Smoothtalker" in 1990. Played Bad ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Raci - 2009?

The cast of Raci - 2009 includes: Rositza Alexandrova Maya Andreeva Yordanka Angelova Marin Antonov Valentin Antonov Phillip Avramov Krassimir Dokov as The Uncle Slava Doychev ( Full Answer )