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What is rayed?

Something is rayed when it has rays, usually referring to adepiction of the sun. A rayed sun is not just a disc, but hassquiggly lines on the outside representing rays of sunl ( Full Answer )
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What is a ray?

A very narrow path of light represented by a line with an arrowhead showing the direction in which it is travelling is called a ray. For example - A Torch
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Is a gamma ray an electromagnetic ray?

Yes, by definition and basic fact. Gamma rays are the highest-energy forms of electromagnetic radiation.
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Why x rays and not y rays?

Y-rays do exist. The Y is the Greek symbol for gamma. Gamma rays have more energy than x-rays and are therefore put after them.
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Where is ray ray from mindless behavior?

They live in Califonia but, I Dont Know Where He Is at this moment ,But they travel around the world.
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Is the suns rays gamma rays?

No, the Sun mostly emits visible light rays. A small amount of gamma rays might be emitted, but they would be insignificant. Inside the Sun, gamma rays are produced but they ( Full Answer )
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Do ray ray have a facebook?

3 Problems: It's Does, and ray ray would be Ray Ray, and the thing that should be obvious: Who's Ray Ray, exactly??
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What is ray ray girlfriend name?

ray ray is currently dating tee khaleel and they are madly in love no he dosent he used 2 date china anne mcclain
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Is ray ray to young to be dating?

ray ray is too young to be dating when hes in middle of him being 13
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What makes ray ray mindless?

Funnyness i guess thats make everything and his sawgga Yup thats pretty much my answer 143 mindless behavior
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How old do you have to be to date ray ray?

Ray Ray says you have to be at least 800 years old to be able to date him... I don't Ray Ray is going to be able to date anyone..... : ) This is fun.. Just writing Random thin ( Full Answer )
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Does Ray Ray mb have a girlfriend?

Ray ray does not have a girlfriend he's looking for one he wants a girl. who's mindless and like's him for who he is and not because his famous or rich and you need to be sma ( Full Answer )
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Ray ray from Mindless Behavior?

Ray Ray from mindless behavior is the cutest one, be has the cutest smile and sextiest swag. He is the best dance ever. His favorite color is purple, and his favorite food is ( Full Answer )
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Is ray ray dating anyone?

i don't know if he is dating anyone but i 'm sure its star from the omg girlz bcuz he said something about them on mindless behavior facebook page
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Does ray ray like anybody?

Everyone saying he likes willow but i think she likes him cus he is 13 she is 10 so no
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Does ray ray text girls?

He loves texting girls the most such as his friend Markie Baldwin and Tawnii Baldwin
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How much do ray ray weight?

idk no one knows how much ray ray weights sooo ask him on facebook and see what he says then add on to here soo thats all i can tell u right now soo follow the steps then tell ( Full Answer )
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What is ray ray address?

i dont know his adresss how about you tell me i was the one trying to ask the INTERNET
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How did ray ray get his long hair?

When he was little he braided his hair a lot and that makes your hair grow and because he's part dominican republican and they have long hair.
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Why does willow like ray ray?

He is fine cute and sexy everything she probably is not and he is 14 teen and she 10 or somthing like that
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Do ray ray love tyonna?

hi ray ray its tanisha i really like you your funnyim not going to lie about my age me age is 12 i am in the 5 grade beause i was born late thet why
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Does ray ray like zendaya?

Yes yes he does he love her with all his heart and he wants to marry her duh get ur facts right y'all stupid IM sydney and im turning 13 on july 28. i live in spring tx. im in ( Full Answer )
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Does ray ray have a girlfriend and who?

Ray ray loves Mayorri , Thay been together for ever, she'd do his hair , kiss him every day they'd do it in the bed all the time , thats his girl. Shes in 5th grade , goes to ( Full Answer )
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Does china like ray ray?

yes, something is going around about china ann mcclaine and ray ray is in a relationship . #team mindless
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Does ray ray want to be a girl?

Ray ray wants a girl first of all she has to be mindless seen of swagg likes him for who he is he wants girl who like pizza,seen of humor,world peace n..... LOVES HIM FEVER:-) ( Full Answer )
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What is ray ray favorite hobby?

First, he loves to draw and even did some art work in the album. Second, he likes to read the twilight books. He's said both of these in interviews.
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Do ray ray like zendaya?

yes i think theyll make a good couple but i dont know if they go out
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What is ray ray favorite color is?

Black . green . orange . purple . red . yellow . brown (yuk) if u r smart u can see its purple
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What do Ray Ray look like?

Ray Ray is very masculine, Mexican, and extremely short. So short, in fact, that his width out measures his height. Oh, and he's dressed in drag with a blonde wig. Tell him I ( Full Answer )
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Who is ray rays sister?

Ray rays sister is Daliana she died in 1987 of a car crash when she was going to her concert :( we all miss her
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Are Zendaya and Ray Ray dating?

No zendaya coleman does not date ray ray from mindless behaviour. zendaya is currently single. there have been rumors that she was dating jacob latimore, but she is not. : ( Full Answer )
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Can you text ray ray?

you cannot text a ray they are not humans therefore they don't posses mobile phones
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What is ray rays faviorate food?

ray ray from mindless behavior fave food is tacos it says it in their CD if u got it.
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Does ray ray have a baby?

Nooo! Ray does not have a baby.... if he wants one ill give him one tho lmao