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What is re-adsorption?

Re-adsorption is defined as the absorption of a substance that waspreviously removed. This process commonly occurs with water in thebody.
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What does re re stand for?

're' can be a music note prounced ray , 're:' may mean replying to an email, or 'in regards to'. Some use it as an abreviation for Religious Education. Some spell the Egyptai ( Full Answer )
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Who was Re?

1. Re is the chemical symbol of rhenium. 2. Ra (or sometimes Re) was the god of sun for the ancient Egyptians. .
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Is it correct as Re or RE?

Either is fine. It depends on the situation. ------ Re is the chemical symbol of rhenium.
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What is the Voke of Re?

It is a funny, joking way of saying that a privilege has been lost, or revoked. Re-Voke. Get it?! It could occur when a person's behavior is out of line in some way.
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What is 're-' in grammar?

I'm not sure I understand the question, but 're-' is a prefix used before root words. It means again. Ex. Re+play= Replay 'Re' means again, so replay means play again.
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What is RE in Letter?

RE: usually means 'with reference to'. If you reply to an email and don't change the title, the new title will start RE: followed by the original title. RE after someone's ( Full Answer )
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What is re rooffing?

Re-roofing is replacing an old or damaged house roof with a new or refurbished one.
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What does smooth RE do?

smooth RE is also known as SER or smooth endoplasmic reticulur this is a part inside a cell and it transports protain inside a cell and it stores minerals.
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What is a re-enactment?

A re-enactment is when you peform something again, perform something from the past for example - the battle of Hastings, or to go through something again.