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What does it mean for a rabbit to reabsorb her litter?

Answer . this is essentially an abortion but very early in the process of pregnancy so she resorbs the unborn kits- nothing is expelled externally- her body absorbs the nut (MORE)
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Nephron tube where nutrients are reabsorbed?

The Nephron is the functional unit of the Kidney which regulates blood contents NOT urine contents. It works by filtering out much of the contents of the blood from the Glomer (MORE)
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Why does a frog reabsorb its tail?

When a tadpole is developing into a frog, it goes through the Froglett stage. This is when the tail of the froglet disappears from the back of the froglett to form a tiny li (MORE)
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Which are the substances that are reabsorbed?

When blood is filtered at the glomerulus (filter unit) of the kidney, some substances don't even make it into the nephron. These include proteins, which are simply too big to (MORE)
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How is urea reabsorbed?

40-50 % of filtered urea is reabsorbed through passive diffusion in the Proximal Convoluted Tubules. Loop of Henle, Distal Convoluted Tubules and Cortical Collecting Ducts are (MORE)
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What does blood reabsorb from the nephrons?

Glucose and some ions and water are the main substances that diffuse (or are actively transported) across the nephron, into the blood.
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How does a mans body reabsorb sperm?

The sperm cells are stored in the epididymis, and if they are not moved on to the vas deferens, they are disintegrated.
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Where is urea reabsorbed?

In humans urea is reabsorbed in the nephrons. Inside the nephronsare medullary collecting ducts which collects the urea forreabsorption.
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What does the colon reabsorb?

The colon, or large intestine, reabsorbs excess water from the feces.
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How is CSF reabsorbed?

in sub-arachnoid space through sub-arachnoid villi
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Where in the nephron is glucose reabsorbed?

The proximal convoluted tubule. The Loop of Henle is the part of the nephron that contains the basic pathway for liquid. The liquid begins at the Bowman's capsule and then (MORE)
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What is reabsorbed into the blood at the kidney?

Nutrients the body needs ( glucose, amino acids, and other small molecules ), electrolytes ( sodium, potassium ), and water are reabsorbed into the blood at the kidney. Sodium (MORE)