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What is the difference between filtration and reabsorption?

If you are filtering something you are determining what partsliquid or solid can stay and what can go. If you are reabsorbingsomething that means the product has been produced ( Full Answer )
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Would an increase in tubular reabsorption decrease urine output?

Answer . This question is asking about a general phenomenon seen in the kidney: tubular reabsorption. The kidney tubules reabsorb lots of things, so you'd have to be specif ( Full Answer )
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Where does tubular reabsorption occur?

Answer . Tubular reabsorption takes place in the kidneys. It specifically occurs in nephrons, microscopic tubular structures (Proximal Convoluted Tubule-PRIMARY & Distal Co ( Full Answer )
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What is tubular reabsorption?

Tubular reabsorption is the movement of filtrate from renal tubules back into blood in response to the body's specific needs.
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Most electrolyte reabsorption by the renal tubes?

Incorrect: It is completed by the time the loop of Henle is reached Correct answer: is hormonally controlled in distal tubule segments
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Reabsorption in the nephron occurs in?

I am assuming you want to know which part of the nephron? If I am incorrect in assuming I apologize. The Glomerulus (a mass/ball of capillaries= Waste products are removed fro ( Full Answer )
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Where does reabsorption occur in the nephron?

Reabsorption in a nephron occurs in the Loop of Henle Reabsorption has been addressed to substances which are absorbed back from the nerphrone back in to the blood(capillari ( Full Answer )
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What occurs during tubular reabsorption?

During tubular reabsorption, glomerular filtrate flows from theproximal tubule of the nephron into the peritubular capillaries. Itcan also occur from urine into the blood.
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Why is it reabsorption instead of absorption?

I would think because as the already absorbed water in the blood passes through the glomerulus, and is filtered, what is needed becomes RE-absorbed through the convoluted tubu ( Full Answer )
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What is passive reabsorption?

Passive reabsorption is a product of osmosis. Some parts of therenal to our very permeable to water and ions, and occurs throughthe junctions between cells.
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Where do filtration and reabsorption occur in the kidneys?

Within the nephron (the functional unit of the kidneys), filtration occurs in the glomerolus. The filtered fluid is called filtrate. Reabsorption of filtrate occurs in a few p ( Full Answer )
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Mechanisms of tubular reabsorption include what?

Reabsorption of nutrients in the renal tubule occurs via activetransport and facilitated diffusion. Amino acids, glucose andphosphates are reabsorbed at the proximal convolute ( Full Answer )
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Where does glucose reabsorption take place?

Glucose reabsorption takes place in the proximal renal tubule. Thistubule is a portion of the nephron that contains fluid. Thefunctions of the nephron include the reabsorption ( Full Answer )
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Where does glucose reabsorption occur in the nephron?

The part of the nephron where glucose reabsorption occurs is in theproximal tubule. The proximal tubule is divided into two sections,the pars convoluta and pars recta.
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Where does reabsorption occur in the urinary system?

Reabsorption takes place inside the kidneys where small units called "Nephrons" are present. These nephrons are made up of - Bowman's Capsule PCT - Proximal Convulated Tub ( Full Answer )
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What is facultative water reabsorption?

facultative water reabsorption is the reabsorption of water in the kidneys that is under the hormonal control of ADH (anti diuretic hormone) The amount of water reabsorbed is ( Full Answer )
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Where does obligatory water reabsorption occur?

Between tubular elements and vascular elements of the nephron beginnings with the proximal convoluted tubule and continuing at least part way into the distal tubule.
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How would a diuretic affect water reabsorption into the blood?

A diuretic is a substance that tends to cause diuresis (increased urine flow) by hindering the amount of water reabsorbed back into the blood. the mechanism of how this occurs ( Full Answer )
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What happens during tubular reabsorption of drugs?

The reabsorption of drugs occur in the tubules of the kidney. Thisreabsorption process is mainly a passive one. As most of the waterin the filtrate gets reabsorbed, the urine ( Full Answer )