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Why is the rebal flag bad?

Well first off it is not a rebel flag. The war was started of state's rights. The north wanted a centralized government with power to control all states. The southern states w (MORE)

Do reballs hurt?

Yes they do! They work great and are perfect for snap shooting and the like, however it is reccomended to Chrony no higher than 220 FPS. They are heavier than regular paintbal (MORE)

What is mean by the reballing?

This refers to the replacement of the BGA (Ball Grid Array) on devices such as the X-Box 360.

What are reballs in paintball for?

Reballs or "A-Balls" are rubber paintballs that when shot, do not break. Like the name implies, it is possible to use these over and over again. Many teams and fields use thes (MORE)
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What is meant by the term reballing?

The term reballing comes from the term reball. This term means to remove solder balls from the mother board of a Playstation 3 and replaces the old with the new ones.
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How does a reballing of a BGA work?

Reballing a ball grid array circuitboard is a delicate operation. Typically, a hot air gun is used to melt the existing solder and the individual components are carefully rem (MORE)