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What is a resting pulse?

Answer . A resting pulse is your heart rate when you are resting. Our heart rates vary with different levels of activity, and when we are active, our heart rate rises. The ( Full Answer )
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What is inertia of rest?

Inertia is the characteristic of matter by which a body at rest remains at rest, and a moving body remains in motion, until/unless some unbalanced force acts upon the body.. ( Full Answer )
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What is political rest?

Political rest refers to a period where the political campaigns andtensions are neutral. This paves way for leaders to focus ondevelopment projects as time is not wasted in po ( Full Answer )
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What is inertia at rest?

the inherent property of a body by a virtue of which it can't change its position of rest is called inertia at rest
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Inertia at rest?

when we sit in the bus and suddehly bus start the person recive a back ward jerk
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When does your heart get a rest?

The electrical impulse reaches all the muscle tissue in the ventricles, and the ventricles contract. This electrical conduction pattern occurs approx. every 0.8 seconds.
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What rhymes with rest?

test . best . crest . breast . bequest . chest . detest . jest . lest . messed . nest . quest . pest . pressed . west . vest . zest . oppressed . Everest . ( Full Answer )
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What is a resting place?

It is a place where you can have rest , you can find it by the malls or parks..
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Why is pastry rested?

Pastry is rested to allow for the gluten in the pastry to relax. Too much gluten will cause the pastry to be tough.
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What is rest potential?

A rest potential is the potential difference between two sides of the membrane of nerve cells when the cell is not conducting an impulse. =)
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What is the homograph for rest?

rest - sleep, a period of no activity for example, "i need some rest rest - remainder, something that is left over For example, "I'll eat two cookies and you can have the rest ( Full Answer )
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What are the kinds of rests?

Whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth... You can have a rest for every value of note.
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Does the heart rest?

No the heart does not rest because if it ever did then you would be died.
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What are the rests in music?

Rests tell you to not play a particular note with one hand while the other hand plays a note at the same time. Just as there are quarter-notes, half-notes and whole notes and ( Full Answer )
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What is the kinds of rests?

semi quaver 0.25 beat(like a 7 with an extra line under the top stroke), quaver 0.5 beat (like a 7), crochet 1 beat (like a reverse z with a loop down the bottom), minim 2 be ( Full Answer )
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Why is rest important?

so your body has time to repair itself, eg. you cut yourself, taking a nap would repair cells and make your cut better, leaving a scab. not having a rest, your body would ( Full Answer )
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What is your resting pulse?

Your resting pulse is the rate of your pulse when you are resting (when your not doing exersice).
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What is rest in German?

Depending on context the English word rest can be translated as noun: Rast Pause Erholung die Anderen verb: rasten pausen sich erholen ruhen ( Full Answer )
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When does a penguin rest?

Penguins do not have a regular sleep pattern. They sleep when they have the chance to, which can be any time of the day or night, but they do not usually sleep for long period ( Full Answer )
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What do gangplanks rest on?

In the simplest case, it is just a large board or plank that has one end resting on the boat, ship, barge, etc, and the other end resting on the shore, dock, pier, etc. On the ( Full Answer )
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What is motion and rest?

MOTION: A body is said to be in motion if it changes it's position withrespect to it's surrounding. REST: A body is said to be in rest if it does not changes it's positionwit ( Full Answer )
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When does a dolphin rest?

a dolphin rests when ever a dolphin wants it rests half of its brain so the dolphin can still maintain the basic behavoir like breathing
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How do snakes rest?

Depends on the snake some snakes rest in trees and some rest in water it really depends on the snake.
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What is Rest Postion?

In Physics, and object at rest is not moving relative to the frame of reference. In biology, a resting position would be any position in which an organism uses a minimal am ( Full Answer )
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Why do we have a day of rest?

God HIMSELF must have known that humans would need a day of rest, or He wouldn't have actually CREATED the last day to be just that--a REST DAY! Not only did He know that we w ( Full Answer )
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What is Bench Rest?

It is a baking technique where you allow the gluten in the dough to relax so that the final shaping will be easier.
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Is rest an adjective?

No, it is not. The word rest can be a verb (to ease or ceaseactivity) or a noun (repose, or a support). However, it can be anoun adjunct as in the terms rest period and rest s ( Full Answer )
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Where do wolves rest?

They would make a burrow or den in ground or above the roots of trees like a little cave between the roots of trees
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How do you get the rest of the moshlings?

Blingo the flashy fox (secrets) You Only get the secret code if you purchase buster's lost moshlings the only code is UNIQUE as enter once and get the hiphopbugus flower + any ( Full Answer )
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When is a body at rest?

a body is said to be at rest if it does not change its position with time with respect to a reference point
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What is notes and rest?

These are both music terms. Notes are when a sound is made and rests are when now sound is made.
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What is a rest not?

You mean a rest notE. A rest note is a line is printed music meaning to stop playing for a certan amount of time.
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What is a rest period?

A rest period is a time in which a person can stop what they weredoing to recover mentally or physically before starting again - a"break".
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If you are at rest do you have momentum?

The momentum of a body is defined as the product of is mas andvelocity. Momentum = Mass x Velocity. If a body is at rest thenobviously its velocity is zero. Therefore, its mom ( Full Answer )