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When does your heart get a rest?

The electrical impulse reaches all the muscle tissue in the ventricles, and the ventricles contract. This electrical conduction pattern occurs approx. every 0.8 seconds.
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What rhymes with rest?

test . best . crest . breast . bequest . chest . detest . jest . lest . messed . nest . quest . pest . pressed . west . vest . zest . oppressed . Everest . (MORE)
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What is rest in German?

Depending on context the English word rest can be translated as noun: Rast Pause Erholung die Anderen verb: rasten pausen sich erholen ruhen (MORE)
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When does a penguin rest?

Penguins do not have a regular sleep pattern. They sleep when they have the chance to, which can be any time of the day or night, but they do not usually sleep for long period (MORE)
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What do gangplanks rest on?

In the simplest case, it is just a large board or plank that has one end resting on the boat, ship, barge, etc, and the other end resting on the shore, dock, pier, etc. On the (MORE)
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What is motion and rest?

MOTION: A body is said to be in motion if it changes it's position withrespect to it's surrounding. REST: A body is said to be in rest if it does not changes it's positionwit (MORE)
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When does a dolphin rest?

a dolphin rests when ever a dolphin wants it rests half of its brain so the dolphin can still maintain the basic behavoir like breathing
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How do snakes rest?

Depends on the snake some snakes rest in trees and some rest in water it really depends on the snake.
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What is a rest not?

You mean a rest notE. A rest note is a line is printed music meaning to stop playing for a certan amount of time.