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In Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

Did you get RNG screwed?

RNG = Random Number Generation.. You could complain that you got RNG screwed if for example your crit chance was 30%, and you did not get 3 / 10 crits in 10 swings.. RNG als ( Full Answer )
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What is the fastest way to get from 63 cb lvl to 67 with 51 att 55 str 9 rng 50 def 34 mage and 29 pray?

Since you do not state a summoning level, I'll presume you are a nonmember. You might want to try getting a Rune Scimitar , as well as the best armor you can wear - if you do ( Full Answer )
In Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

I am trying to RNG in Pokemon HeartGold. How can I know my date and time in Pokemon Heartgold?

It can be quite impossible to know the time in heartgold, instead use the clues to guide you: 1. Radio - Try pointing it in DJ Ben's signal and he will tell you what day it ( Full Answer )
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How old is the rng dancers?

The RNG dancer are 11-13 years old theii dance juss like mehh butt a little bettta they are very talented girls they will become the nextt rated nextt generration watch theiiw ( Full Answer )
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Are RNG Abused Pokemon considered hacked by the Official Pokemon League?

Nope, RNG Pokémon are considered as legit Pokémon by the officials because you still catch them in the game legally or hatch them in the game legally, you're just using ( Full Answer )