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Does a roc fly?

The legendary roc was a very large bird, and did fly. It is often depicted in stories as dropping large rocks on ships and other prey.
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What happened to DeeJay Punk-Roc?

The original producer is called Jon Paul Davies, he created all theoriginal music. His manager met "Punk Roc" - the black guy used tofront the act, in the park and then, (in l ( Full Answer )
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Does roc rayal has a girlfriend?

Roc royal you is so sexy everybody wont you but I am the one you need ok sexy
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Who is roc royal?

he is a member from mindless behavior he is the one who is the cutest one and he always wears the hat and always rocks the pony tail keep it mindless yall 1-4-3
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Do roc royal have a girlfriend?

i love amir cause shes mindless and she were ponie tales with a hat an she . likes the color black and she have asexy body like beyonce and Katy perry
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What is roc royal middle name?

First of all stop saying his name is Trey DJ Young Cuz it's not His Real name is Chresanto DJ August second he only say that's his name for people can stop asking him what his ( Full Answer )
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Is roc royal singal?

no he is not he is going out with a chick (girl) named jayla belton
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Is roc royal a girl?

No ,he's a boy u must b out of ur mind thinking that roc royal iz a girl does he look like does his face look like a girl face no it doesnt and if u say yes then u need some ( Full Answer )
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What does FLIP ROCS mean?

Flip means sell and rocs mean crack because they look like rocks, so flip rocs means to sell crack. Here it is used in a sentence: Friend 1: Yo, I'm about to flip rocs man! ( Full Answer )
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Do roc royal have a gf?

Roc Royal does not have a girlfriend but is seeking one who name is (not supposed to be said about)
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Where does roc royal live?

- He Lives in L.A and So Does Princeton and Ray Ray Prodigy Lives In Philadelphia
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Is roc royal dating?

roc royal is dating amari Davis shes on facebook and don't hate hes mine and im 5,5 too
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Does roc royal have a Facebook?

Of course he has a Facebook. All of the guys from mindless behavior have a facebook together.
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Does roc rayal have a girlfriend?

If u are talking about the one from mindless behavior than no he does not have a girlfriend but he is looking for mrs right or his 1 girl
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Do roc royal has a girlfriend?

he did but he had to break up with her so he could be in mindless behavior did you here the song missing you
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Does roc royal love you?

Noe he is in love with his super cute and mindless girlfriend Marasia Jeter, they have a nice relationship and love each other alot:) roc royal would love a girl that has go ( Full Answer )
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When is roc royal?

roc royal or should i say roc royal the best one lol he was born on july 23
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Is roc royal a virgin?

yess he is,lol he has said he , hasn't had his first kiss yet, as well .
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How old is roc royal you?

ROC ROYAL is 14 years old, I would know because i met him. Trust me.
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What is roc royal's eye color?

Roc Royal's eyes are a black,mysterious and sexy colour.Thanxxx for watching this and if you don't like him then don't even comment on this.Anyways Roculaterz.Cammy
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How is roc royal?

he is harddd on da out side but soft on the inn sidde so he is sensitive
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When is roc royal's nephew's birthday?

his nephew's birthday is aug.29. the same day as Michael Jackson, five days after mine, and 6 days before beyonce.
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Does Roc Royal cheat on his girlfriend?

-no roc doesnt he is very faithful to his girlfriends... his current girlfriends are tamesha n breonna .
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Do roc royal have a baby?

nooo he does not did yhall she the baby and do youu know if its hes it could be somebody else own i dont believe it
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Who do roc royal go with?

They are NOT allowed to Date now But If they did it would be Secret Information Sorry :)
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What is Roc Royal's?

Roc royal had sex wit daimia bhadd gurl bryant and dats her name on facebook and she iz pregnant wit a boy
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What is roc royal looking for in a girl?

he the only one who can talk 4 him self i can't but he could be looking 4 a nice girl ro something else but he knows what kind of girl when he feels it Mercedes Bradford ( Full Answer )
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Is Princeton and roc royal brothers?

No Princeton and roc royal are not brothers they are just friends none of the boys in mindless behavior are related to each other
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Do roc royal have a FB?

Yes roc royal can sing because if he didn't he wouldn't be singing with mindless behavior stupids
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Where is roc royal?

roc royal is on tour him princeton, prodigy, and ray ray just new orleans sunday at a concert at the lake front arena
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Can you go out with roc royal?

This is his sis and my name is destiny Johnson and its on Facebook but if ur cute then ya you can go out with him
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Is roc royal in love with his girlfriend?

Roc royal doesn't have a girlfriend. He used to but they are just friends now, so the answer is really he doesn't have a girlfriend at the time.
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What is roc royal-?

Rock Royal is one of the members of the singing group MindlessBehavior. His real name is Chresanto August.
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What does ROC do?

ROC is the registration certificate of the Company / LLP whichis issued and digitally signed by the ROC. It mentions unique theCIN (Company Identification Number)