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How do you get the super rod?

After you defeat the elite four talk to the fisherman near the north west exit (not near water) and answer yes to his question
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Where do you get the super rod?

You can find a super rod in route 12. You get it from a fisherman in a lone house
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Who is Rod Khleif?

Answer . Rod Khleif is a philanthropist that has fed thousands of families for the last 8 years through his Tiny Hands Foundation. Rod Khleif is one of the country's pre ( Full Answer )
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What is a stiring rod?

a stirring rod i a utensle used in the areas of science to stir chemical liquids togerther
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Where do you get good rod or super rod?

You can get a super rod in sapphire by going to mossdeep and then go up the steps to a house and talk to the fisherman.
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What are rods?

Rods are photoreceptors found on the retina of the eye. They do not detect colour but detect variations in the amounts of light allowing you to see shades of colour and to dev ( Full Answer )
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Can you get pregnant on the rod?

Yes, no contraceptive is 100%, but it is very unlikly chance unless if they inserted it wrong.
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Where can you get good rod?

On Route 209 should be a Fisherman. Talk to him and answer yes to his question to get the Good Rod . The Super rod is unavailable until after you beat the Elite Four. ( Full Answer )
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What does a lighting rod do?

The lighting rod is designed to attract and conduct the lightning so that it doesn't do any damage to whatever structure it's been placed on.
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What are welding rods?

Welding rods are fillers that add to the molten pool of metal. They are usually stronger than the metals being fused. In arc welding, they have a coating that burns and create ( Full Answer )
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What is a metal rod?

A metal rod is a long bar that is made out of steel or other metalmaterials. It can be used for construction.
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What is stewing rod?

a stewing rod is a piece of rod that is used to season meat for stewing.
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How do you get the old rod?

you go to dewford town, the first island you go to. there is a man sanding next to the gym. He looks like a fisherman. Talk to him and he give the old rod!!!!! Thanks!
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Where to get the master rod?

go to fight aria in the boat in snow-point an go up a little there is a fishing guy talk to him and he will give you super rod.
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How do you get a rod in Pokemon?

if you want the old rod go to jubelife and go to the west and talk to the fisher man and he will give you one if you want a good rod go to hearthome and go east and go to the ( Full Answer )
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What is a rod?

A key item which can be registered. When used near water, you will cast and usually you will land a Pokemon.
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What is a carbon rod?

a carbon rod or a pencil used in an arc lamp; also, a plate or piece of carbon used as one of the elements of a voltaic battery.
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Are rods UFO's?

Rods are photographic artifacts created by a moving object (usually a flying insect) scanned strobegraphicly (excuse my spelling) inadvertanly by a raster scanning device such ( Full Answer )
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What is a rod when they say rod knocking.?

cant say i hav acctually herd that term. but it will be reffering to eather, excessive clearance in push rods it workes the rockers,/commodore/chev or excessive clearance in c ( Full Answer )
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What is lightning rod?

A Lightning rod is usually a metal object like an Arrow, (as in bow & arrow) fixed to the highest part of a building or structure, connected to a wire or cable. That is then r ( Full Answer )
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What is ebonite rod?

A rod made out of ebonite, a hard rubber. The ebonite rod is often used in physics demonstrations of static electric charges.
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What does rods mean?

Rods have many meanings. Please ask again the be more specific as to what you are referring to.
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Are A-rod and K-rod brothers?

No Alex Rodriguez was born in New York City to a Dominican family in 1975 and grew up in Miami and the Dominican Republic whereas Fransisco Rodriguez was born in Caracas, Ven ( Full Answer )
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What are boning rods?

a set of three T pieces manufactured from light-strong timber, all three pieces posess the same exact dimension's, two are usually finished with the natural timber colour and ( Full Answer )
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What is a rod journal?

Connecting rod journals are the part of the crankshaft where the connecting rods attach to. There is one rod journal for each piston/connecting rod in the engine. These journa ( Full Answer )
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What is piston rod?

The piston rod is more usually called the con rod or connecting rod. It is connected at the top end to the piston with what is called a wrist pin. (The wrist pin is a cylinder ( Full Answer )
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A-rod who is he?

Alex Rodriquez. A baseball player who has gained much popularity for, well, I'm not really sure why he is popular, but, the Yankees sure think a lot of Him. Chuck.
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What is a knockout rod?

a knock out rod is the rod that will knockout you when you use it
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What is a weaver's rod?

A weaver's rod is a long rod that holds the loops of thread tighton the bottom of a weaver's loom when the shuttle is passedthrough. The length of the rod varies with the size ( Full Answer )
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What is a flame rod?

A flame rod is a simple piece of heat-resistant metal (nichrome, inconel, etc) in contact with a flame. A flame consists of ionized particles undergoing chemical reactions an ( Full Answer )
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What is the Harrington Rod?

The Harrington Rod is one of the oldest and most proven forms of spinal instrumentation. It is used to straighten and stabilize the spine when curvature is greater than 60 deg ( Full Answer )
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What are luque rods?

types of spinal instrumentation. Luque rods are custom contoured metal rods that are fixed to each segment (vertebra) in the affected part of the spine.
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What is e2k5 rod?

It is a combination of iridium plated with Beryllium, Platinum and Gold. Its is very rare to find and only few plates were made in this way.
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What is a hind and rod?

A hind is the usual term for a female Red Deer. A rod is a unit of length equivalent to 5.5 yards.