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Are ROMs legal?

The legality of ROMs has never been directly tested in court. In Atari vs. JS&A, it was decided that backup cartridges (basically a cartridge with the ROM on it so you could (MORE)
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What is a CD-ROM?

Compact Disk - Read Only Memory Compact Disk Read Only Memory
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What is the difference between a CD-ROM and a DVD-ROM?

their differences are capacity because DVD can hold much more data than a CD-Rom DVDs have faster data speeds than CD-Rom.DVD can accommodate a full movie in one disc while CD (MORE)
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How do you open Pokemon roms?

If you double click the ROM itself, it will ask which program to open it with. You must have an application. (emulator) I suggest "Boycott Advance" or "Visualboy Advance". (MORE)
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Can you get Nanny mania on CD-rom?

You can get Nanny Mania on CD-Rom for your PC. This is a veryinteresting game which is structured around time management.Ê
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Can DVD-ROM drives play CD-ROMs as well?

Generally speaking, yes. However, this is not always the case. The drive in the Nintendo Wii, for instance, is fully capable of reading DVDs, but it cannot read CDs at all.
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What is better CD-rom or DVD-rom software?

Kind of a tricky question. Analysis: you typed ROM Software. What is it you are trying to do. DVD ROM software will do you no good for a CD and vice versa. Additional Info: (MORE)
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What are PlayStation Roms?

PlayStation roms are basically the files for actual PS1 games packed into a ROM file, allowing it to be played on an emulator.
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Can roms be viruses?

yes they can they are most common with the r4s so get a different one insted of an r4
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What is a BD-ROM?

A BD ROM stands for Blu-ray Disc-ROM and has storage capacities of 100GB with expectations of exceeding 200GB in the near future.
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How do roms work?

a ROM is a copy of a game a computer can play one with an emulator and the native device can play it with software or hardware hacks they are illegal unless you have the game (MORE)
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Why might want a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM?

What do you mean? If you're asking about drives, a CD-ROM drive only works with CDs, but a DVD-ROM drive works with DVDs and CDs (it's called backwards compatible). You may (MORE)
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Are DVD-ROMs and CD-ROMs illegal they are roms after all?

A 'rom' becomes illegal if it is transferred to a medium that it is not licensed for. So a NDS ROM is legal while it is on its original NDS Gamepak, a DVD's contents is legal (MORE)
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CD not working on CD-ROM?

at start of computer strike F2 and for setup. Now you should tick the IDE CD ROM or IDE DVD ROM drive because it is sometime disabled by the computer and now enjoy your CD's a (MORE)
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How much does a DVD-rom cost?

£100000,876678 thats how much i bought it for you get only 2. i bought it off huzaifah.
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Is there a fine for downloading roms?

If you are caught, According to the U.S. Copyright Office, you could be fined between $750 and $150,000 for each instance of copyright infringement you're convicted of. T (MORE)
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Does frozen Roms have viruses?

Most likely not, although you can't be sure of course. The chanceis very small there is.
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How does a CD-ROM and a CD-ROM drive work?

A CD Contains Data in Tiny "Bumps" and "Lands" The data on a compact disc (CD) is stored on the disc as a seriesof tiny, almost microscopic bumps and lands. Each of these (MORE)
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How do you upgrade cd-rom to a dvd-rom drive?

Assuming you have an operating system written within the last decade or so, you just replace the old drive with the new one. This is so dead easy that if you have any question (MORE)
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What is the classification of ROMs?

The taxonomy of ROM is as follows . Read Only Memory (ROM) . Programmable ROM (PROM) . erasable and programmable ROM (EPROM)
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What is an CD-rom?

First of all it is not "an" CD Rom/ It's "a" CD Rom. CD Rom is a pre pressed compact disc that contains data accessible to but not writable by a computer for data storage and (MORE)
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What is 'CD-ROM'?

Compact Disc Read Only Memory