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What does sabes que mean in English?

The words sabes que in Spanish means "to know" in English. Sabes isa form of the root verb, saber, which means "to have knowledge".
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What does ya tu sabes mean in spanish?

"Ya tu sabes" means "you already know" and is often used in mostly spanish songs which means as much as "ya'll know how I do" in this context. Actually, "ya tu sabes" is g ( Full Answer )
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What does come sabes tanto espaniol mean in English?

the literal translation is "it eats you know spanish as much". Word for word "come" means "it eats", "sabes" means "you know", and "tanto" means "as much". For additional help ( Full Answer )
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What does sabes mean in spanish?

The English equivalent of the Spanish word "sabes' is 'you know.'The word 'sabes' is the present tense and second person singularform of the verb 'saber.'
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Como sabes que algo está vivo?

Esta puede ser una pregunta difícil. Es fácil saber si un león está vivo - !solamente dalo un puntazo y corre detràs! Formas de vida más simples como los hon ( Full Answer )
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Who is kemo sabe?

Kemo Sabe, the name that the American Indian, Tonto, calls his friend, the Lone Ranger. In this old TV series the Lone Ranger fights evil and injustice with only Tonto's assis ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of pero tu sabes ahora?

"Pero tú sabes ahora" means "But you know now". It is pronounced "PARE-oh too SAH-base ah-OR-ah". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation: http://www.answ ( Full Answer )
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What does sabes mean?

The word "sabes" in Spanish is the conjugated form of the verb "saber" which means "to know." The verb has been conjugated in the 2nd person, singular. In Spanish it is not c ( Full Answer )
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What does dios sabe mean in English?

I'm not sure but I think it means 'God knows' . No se pero se puede signife 'God knows'
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What does berdad q sabes espanol mean?

Firstly 'berdad' is spelt 'Verdad' and it means truth. ...Verdad que sabes espanol... means 'it's true/ you really do know spanish'. 'Sabes' comes from the verb saber 'to know ( Full Answer )
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What does Tu No Sabes mean in English?

"you don't know" as in a fact. "You don't know the answer" = "Tu no sabes la respuesta". As opposed to "You don't know my mother" = "Tu no conoces mi madre"
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What does sabes qe no tengo ganas mean?

Saber = to know Tener = to have Ganar = to win You know that I gain nothing [from this situation] You know that I have no motivation [to accomplish x...] A tener ganas can m ( Full Answer )
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What does você sabe falar português mean?

você sabe falar português = you know how to speak Portuguese. você sabe falar português? = Do you know how to speak Portuguese?
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What does Sabe cómo tratarme mean?

you know how to treat me (polite you, singular, both genders) . He / she knows how to treat me.
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What does kemo sabe mean in Spanish?

"Sabe" is the third person singular form of "saber". It means "he knows". There is no Spanish word for "kemo", but a close word would be quién. "Quién sabe" would be "wh ( Full Answer )
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What does No sabes cuanto extrano means?

There is some missing information here: the direct object of the sentence. The translation would be "You don't know how much I miss...."
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What does sabe mean in Japanese?

'Sabe' can be a Japanese name. Whether a name can have a meaning or not depends on how it is written.
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Is me sabe you know in spanish?

No. 'You know' is "usted sabe." If you said, "Ella me sabe," you would be saying, "She knows me." But the kind of 'know' this is is the academic kind, not the empirical, exper ( Full Answer )
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Does sabe have an accent mark in spanish?

No. If the accent is on the second-to-last syllable, and the word ends in a vowel, n or s, then no accent is needed.
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What does so sabe mean in English?

sabe means to know, el sabe is he knows, this may be spanglish as in ; I told him so sabe.
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What does sabes que ese mean in Spanish?

Sabes= Do you know Que= What Ese= Dude, man (slang) Sabes Que Ese means: "Do you know what dude?"
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What does 'sabes a miel' in spanish mean?

It means "you know honey". Edit: it means "you taste like honey" anything with "sabe(s) a" means "to taste like"
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What do the Navajo word keno sabe mean?

It is not Navajo, it is Potawatomi . The modern spelling is"gimoozaabi", and it means "faithful friend" in Potawatomi .
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What is the mission statement of SABE US?

SABE USA has a mission statement that states that all workers and employees will at all times ensure the best quality work and consideration in the making of their products.
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What does sabes reik mean in English?

Sabes means "You know." in English. Reik does not have an English equivalent, since it is the name of the artist. Meaning, the song is Sabres by the artist Reik. The song is a ( Full Answer )