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What does the welsh word saes mean?

"Sais" is an Englishman, and "Saeson" the English people. "Saesnes" is an English woman, and "Saesneg" the English language. It is basically the Welsh for "Saxon". The En (MORE)
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What if you use 10W30 instead of SAE-30?

If the recommended oil is SAE30 why would you use SAE 10W30? Some mowers recommend either of these weights but if your recommends 30W then using 10W30 will cause it to use oil (MORE)
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What are the saes on the west and east of Greece?

I believe you meant "seas". The sea to Greece's west is the Ionian Sea, and that to its east is the Aegean Sea. Both of these are sometimes thought of as simply areas of the M (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Nim-eun-meon-go-sae - 2008?

The cast of Nim-eun-meon-go-sae - 2008 includes: Wipawee Charoenpura as Madame Vicky Russell Geoffrey Banks as U.S. Soldier Nate Harrison as U.S. Commander Johnson Kyung Ho Ch (MORE)