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What is a saying?

A saying is a brief expression or phrase that typically has wisdomor advice included. A saying can be a proverb, motto, or cliche.
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How do you say no?

say i have to go or just say no. Really, that depends on how close you are to them. If they are:. Your Best Friend: Let them down softly and encourage him to find another.. ( Full Answer )
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How Can you Say No?

It depends on what you are saying 'no' too. If it's sexual and you are not ready to have a sexual relationship with this person then communicate your feelings and if they aren ( Full Answer )
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What to say to her?

You might say exactly what you think and feel when you are withher. A woman will love that you are honest about your feelings andthat you are willing to share them.
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Who are you to say 'no'?

Please resubmit your question as it is unclear to whom your referring to and about what. Thank you.
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When do you say he and I?

"He and I" can be used in any context in which it would be correct to say "I" alone. To check, drop the word describing the other person. If the sentence still makes sense, yo ( Full Answer )
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What is Saying?

Saying is expressing yourself with words. It could be a report orjust a conversation even, but there is meaning behind what is beingsaid.
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How do you say such as?

Another way to say 'such as' is, 'For example,' or when written, you can abbreviate it as: 'e.g.,' which also means 'for example' or such as.
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Can you say was had?

Of course you can. I said it at a party yesterday and a good time was had by all.. You can also say "is had" (When we party a good time is had by all.) And you can say "will ( Full Answer )
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That is to say?

The Latin abbreviation i.e. , which stands for id est, means "that is", " that is to say" , or "in other words".
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How do you say I am what I am?

You just say who you are.Start a conversation about you and-viola!You mention who you are!Easy Peasy!
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What if he is not saying it?

\nIf you want someone to say " i love you" i highly suggest losing about 15lbs, shaving your private area and taking at least one shower this week.
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What is a sai?

A sai is a metal pronged weapon used in martial arts. It has ahandle that is about six inches, and splits into three parts. Thecenter prong is about a foot long and the two si ( Full Answer )
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What if it says as is?

Well if some on says as is then you need to leave move on. It probably means he's with someone else.
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Why do they say WHY?

People say WHY for two reasons. They either want to know the reason for something or they are curious to know it.
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Do you say and me or and I?

Who is going to the woods? Mum and I are going to the woods . Whom shall I give these chocolates to? Give them to mum andme. . In the first line if you weren't with mum you ( Full Answer )
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What if they say no?

In a relationship people do get turned down, but instead of being irritating to that person you just accept the fact that you were not ment to be instead of making them hate y ( Full Answer )
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Why say no?

why say no?. because you want to. ask yourself........... do you really like him/her?. if you do say yes, remember that friends and family come first.. if you say no...wel ( Full Answer )
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Can you say you does?

This is not proper English. Saying you did, you are going to, oryou are in the process of, is an educated way to articulate yoursentence.
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How do you say me?

First eat chicken and a fairy princess will come and give you powers now you will be able to say me.
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Why does he say no?

What exactly do you mean by "say no"? If he said that in the event that you asked him out, then it could be that he is either getting over a previous relationship, or maybe y ( Full Answer )
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How do you say I am at .?

"I am at" translates to ".. / .- -- / .- -" in Morse. As an example sentence, " .. / .- -- / .- - / - .... . / ... ..-.--. . .-. -- .- .-. -.- . - / -... ..- -.-- .. -. --. / ( Full Answer )
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What do you do when she says no?

Accept her answer and move on. Don't waste time on someone who's not interested, you'll only resent yourself and possibly her for it later on.
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How do you get in it if it says you can not?

If you are attempting to access WikiAnswers and encounter a message that states "Oops," or "You're in limited access mode," either someone who uses your server IP has violated ( Full Answer )
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What do i do if he says no?

If you are one of his friends then move on and still be his friend act like nothing happened that's the best thing to do... Hope I helped. Good luck!! :D
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Can i say you and me or you and I?

the proper way would be to say you and I. In earlier grammar people used this phrase instead of you and me because it simply didn't sound right. Or for several reasons it didn ( Full Answer )
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How do you say when?

You say wen but it is spelled when. In older versions of English, the "wh" had a unique sound thatwould sound like "hw". So, when, instead of being pronounced "wen"like it is ( Full Answer )
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Why do you say if i were and not if i was?

That is the rule. If I were you I would talk to her now. For this type of conditional sentence (impossible conditions) were is used for all subjects: If he were k ( Full Answer )
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Do you say there were or there was?

It depends entirely on what the predicate is. If it is singular, ittakes "there was" and if it is plural, it takes "there were". Ex. There was a book on the shelf. There wer ( Full Answer )
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When you say a our an?

The indefinitearticle is a or an . But howdo we know when to say a and when to say an ? The rule is reallyvery simple. It depends on the sound at the startof the fol ( Full Answer )
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Do you say he do or he does?

He does. When he/she/it or a singular noun is the subject of a sentence thenan -s is added to the verb. This is sometimes called the -sform of a verb eg He likes rice. Th ( Full Answer )
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To say no?

To say no in Spanish is the same as in English. It is just "no".
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Do we say I was or I were?

We say I was because I is a singular pronoun and was is asingular verb. Were is a plural verb so use a plural subjectwith it eg We were There is an exception: in conditi ( Full Answer )