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Why is same-sex marriage bad?

It's not bad, it's actually alright to be the same-sex and get married No one has proven that it is. But some people thinks that their religion is telling them that itis bad. (MORE)
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Why are we driven to sameness?

Humans are naturally social creatures. As such we are compelled via our subconscious to fit in with our native crowd. It's an instinctive drive dating back to the earliest yea (MORE)
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Why are you drivin to sameness?

The sameness or diversity in your life is up to you. If you are driven to sameness and are unhappy about it you should seek out professional help to find out how you can overc (MORE)
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Why is there sameness in architecture?

The mass production and ease of constructing prefabricated buildings gave easy solutions for constructing buildings without giving much thought about the concept and the desig (MORE)
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What is Sameness in The Giver?

The Giver develops a perception of life after World War 3. America's plan to reduce world population so that it is at a controllable level. There is this "sameness" taking pla (MORE)
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120cm is the sames as?

120 cm is the same as 1.2 meter, and 1,200 millimeters, and 0.0012 kilometer, and 1,200,000,000 nanometers.
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What is 'same' in Italian?

Stesso is an Italian equivalent of 'same'. It's pronounced 'STEHS-soh'. It's the masculine form of an adjective. The feminine form, 'stessa' , is pronounced 'STEHS-sah'.
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Where is same-sex marriage not allowed?

Same-sex marriage is not legal in Asia, except for in Israel. InAfrica, it is not legal except in the country of South Africa. Itis not legal in Eastern Europe. It is not lega (MORE)
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What are facts about same-sex marriage?

Equal to opposite-sex marriage. . Its legalization is gaining in popular support. . North America is the continent with the most same-sex marriages. . Asia, Antarctica and (MORE)
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Where are same-sex wedding chapels?

If you want to be married in a church, your best bet is to look for a local Unitarian Universalist church. Members of the US military may now use chapels on military bases in (MORE)
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Is same-sex marriage a right?

Yes. Marriage is a right and brings with it certain privileges. Limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples only is the same as denying a civil right to some people because of t (MORE)
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What is the significance of same-sex marriage?

The significance of marriage is the same, whether it is same-sex or not. Marriage is a legal contract between two parties which results in certain binding rights and responsib (MORE)
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Where is same-sex marriage working and why?

By all reports, same-sex marriage is working as planned in all places that it has been legalized. Why? Because same-sex couples get and stayed married as intended. There is no (MORE)
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How was same-sex marriage legalized?

Generally, a gay couple files suit in court. Legislative action might follow. Canada After numerous court challenges, bills legalizing gay marriage were passed in most of t (MORE)
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What is the sames as14 1lbs?

7 x 2lbs 1 stone 6.35029kg 14 x 453.529g and many others. Can you be more specific?
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Why is same-sex marriage equal?

In jurisdictions where same-sex marriage has been legalized, it is equal to opposite-sex marriage, because there is no distinction in the law. There is only one kind of marria (MORE)
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Why was there sameness in The Giver?

there is sameness to protect the community from harmful things like weather conditions and judgment through differences . i bolded this because i like bold letters #^.^#
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What do you mean by same-same but different?

what people mean by some things are the same but not the same is that they might have the same name but differnt meaning they might sound the same and look the same but ther (MORE)
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Is 'same' an adverb?

No. The word same can be an adjective and a pronoun.