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Is it the same as or the same with?

Definitely the same as. I don't think we ever use the same with. Well except for Person A: Oh no! I forgot to lock my house today. Person B. Same with Jenny. Whic (MORE)
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Same shape not same size?

squares and rectangles Improved Answer:- They are similar
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Is KB same as same as Mg?

No. KB (kilobytes) is a measurement of data (1000B, 8000b) Mg (megagrams) is a measurement of weight, (1,000,000 grams)
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What is the same?

the same is a completely 100% identical copy of something, somethings are more the same than others, i.e. those twins look the same, while those twins dont look nearly as the (MORE)
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How are atoms of the same element the same?

Atoms of an element all have the same number of protons in their nuclei. The neutral atoms also have the same number of electrons in their electron shells and therefore react (MORE)
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Does the same volume have the same mass?

Of course not. A quart jar full of air and a quart jar full of stones obviously don't have the same mass. You can feel that by lifting one in each hand. The weight you fee (MORE)
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What do you mean by same-same but different?

what people mean by some things are the same but not the same is that they might have the same name but differnt meaning they might sound the same and look the same but ther (MORE)
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Is had and have the same?

no, if you have something you are in possession of it at this moment but if you had something then you once had possession but you don't anymore.
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Am I the same as me?

Yes, because they are both addressing to the same person, but it sometimes depends on how you use them in a sentence:)
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Is and the same as and?

yes, "and" is the same as "and" yes, "and" is the same as "and"
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Is to be the same as am?

The word 'to be' is much different than 'am'. When someone is 'to be' graduating, these two words are only referring to what will happen in the future, while 'am' refers to wh (MORE)