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What is SAM and what is the structure of SAM?

The Security Account Manager (SAM) is a database stored as a registry file in Windows NT, Windows 2000, and later versions of Windows. It stores users' passwords in a hashed f (MORE)
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Who is Sam westing?

Sam westing is like four people. he is Barney northrup, windy widkloppel, JUllian R East man, sandy mcsoutherns and well sam westing
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Will you marry Sam?

Well I can't tell future but he might not or might ask you! Take my advice and talk to him. Soon if you talk to him he will start to like you!
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Who is Sam Signaoff?

Sam Signaoff is a singer song writer RCA recording artist. Who has recently turned virtual artist of music and 3D animation.
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Who is Sam Nixon?

A television presenter for British children's programing CBBC.
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Who is Sam potter?

Sam Potter is a fan-fic character, not created by JK Rowling.. Sam Potter is Harry Potter's sister that his father had illigitamently. Shes amazing. There is a new book serie (MORE)
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Who is Sam on iCarly?

One of the main characters in iCarly who plays the role of a teenage girl who acts quite rough and tumble, is best friends with the star of the show, Carly, and teases her fri (MORE)
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Who is Sam brownlee?

Iowa Hawkeye running back that started the final 6 games in 2004. He played from 2003-2006.
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What are the lyrics to Ram Sam Sam?

A ram sam sam, a ram sam sam Guli guli guli guli guli Ram sam sam A rafi, a rafi Guli guli guli guli guli, ram sam sam A rafi, a rafi Guli guli guli guli guli, ram (MORE)
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Where is scurvy Sam?

scurvy sam is a character in skulduggery island. It has not been specified whether you actually have to find him or not.
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Who is Scurvy Sam?

Scurvy Sam isn't a person you need to find on Poptropica. It is just a name said by the female pirate (one of Captain Crawfish's crew) inside Petey's Pub.
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Who is lil Sam?

Lil Sam is an American child prodigy rapper. He has released more than 10 songs, and he is still going strong.
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Is Sam Houston Uncle Sam?

No. Uncle Sam came from the American Revolution and some historians think he was a real person. It is thought he delivered food to Valley Forge. Well, over 100 years later Sam (MORE)
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Who is sam from sam and the womp?

Sam from Sam and the womp is the man who plays trumpet. Lady Ah is lead vocalist and the others are wompers.
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How old is Sam in Sam and Cat?

Sam ( Jennette McCurdy) was 21 years old and Cat (Ariana Grande)was 20 years old for the series on Nickolodeon (2013-2014). Strangely, both actresses have the same birthday (MORE)
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Did Sam quite Sam and cat?

no sam did not quite sam nd cat just sam nd cat are in a twiterbattle