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What is Sar-Ox?

Sar-Ox Legislation . Sarbanes - Oxley (the names of the legislatures that sponsored the bill). This is the name of the legislation made after Enron that changed the audi ( Full Answer )
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What is SARS?

SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). It is pneumonia like viral disease, in which at first temperature of patient rises. He feels cold, irritation in throat, difficulty ( Full Answer )
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How do you get SARS?

You can get SARS from someone else who has the condition bybreathing in the virus when they cough or sneeze. Airbornetransmission is the only way you can contract SARS.
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How do you prevent sars?

We can NOT completely eliminate SARS. We can do things that will HELP prevent it. People that have SARS should wear masks and stay out of public as much as possible. If we sti ( Full Answer )
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What does sars do?

what sars (severe acute respiratory syndrome) does is cause body aches, fever, and a chill. in china, this diesese is known to be deadly. during the first out-break more then ( Full Answer )
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What are SAR dogs?

SAR dogs are "Search and Rescue" dogs. They are specially trained to track and find lost people. SAR dogs were used in the World Trade Center disaster to search for victims bu ( Full Answer )
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Is sars a pathogen?

SARS is not a pathogen, it is an syndrome similar to AIDS. It is caused by a virus called coronavirus, but it is the mutated strain.
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How is SARS diagnosed?

Currently, initial tests include blood cultures, Gram stain, chest radiograph, and tests for other viral respiratory pathogens. if SARS is suspected, samples are forwarded to. ( Full Answer )
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How is SARS prevented?

Until a vaccine is developed, isolation and quarantine remain potent tools. people who must travel to areas with SARS outbreaks should follow such preventative measures as fre ( Full Answer )
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How do you know you have SARS?

can get it from somebody and you will have it it is a memory of loss