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What is definition of Spent and sated?

The word 'spent' in this sense refers to being out of energy, orexhausted. 'Sated' refers to being satisfied. The phrase could beapplied to someone who had just won a marathon (MORE)
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How do you use sated in a sentence?

Sated means satisfied to excess. e.g. He ate and ate until he was sated.. There is a saying "A sated man loathes honey" which means that when fully fed we canoot be tempted e (MORE)
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The United Sates touches what sea?

The United States touches the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and the Sea of Cortez. Sea and ocean are both interchangeable terms, so each body of water that to (MORE)
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How is sating on room air spelled Is it sating or satting?

It is satting on room air. I am not sure about the "satting" on room air. When a someone, physician etc, says the patient is "satting" they are referring to the oxygen satura (MORE)
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What is sateing unscrambled?

The letters 'sateing' unscrambled can spell the following words: . Seating . Teasing
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What is an ancient Greece city-sate?

A city state began as a farming community with a fortress on highground (acropolis) for defence against marauders. A city developedaround the acropolis, and so the area became (MORE)