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What does the Secretary of Sate do?

In most of the individual states of the United States, the Secretary of State is an administrative officer responsible for certain governmental functions. The specifics depend (MORE)
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How is sating on room air spelled Is it sating or satting?

It is satting on room air. I am not sure about the "satting" on room air. When a someone, physician etc, says the patient is "satting" they are referring to the oxygen satura (MORE)
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How do you just file for your sate taxes?

You can go to your states web site and file your state income tax return on line or get copies of the tax forms that you need to fill out and complete correctly and then get t (MORE)
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What sate is in the New York Giants?

The NY Giants and the NY Jets play out of a stadium in the Meadowlands, New Jersey, but, the Giants and the Jets are considered NY football teams, just like the NY Buffalo Bil (MORE)
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What is sateing unscrambled?

The letters 'sateing' unscrambled can spell the following words: . Seating . Teasing
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What sate is niagara falls?

One end is in the U. S. State of New York. The other end is in the Canadian Province of Ontario.