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What is sati?

sati is when the husband dies and the wife has to die with him.if the wife doesnt die then they were kept lock in the room and not given any food as they would think that the ( Full Answer )
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Were does sati come from?

Sati is the practice of self-immolation, or burning yourself to death. It comes from Hindu mythology. The story of Dakshayani (Sati) and her marraige to the god Shiva. Some cl ( Full Answer )
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What is suttee or sati and who practiced it?

The now illegal act or practice of a Hindu widow's cremating herself on her husband's funeral pyre in order to fulfill her true role as wife. in South Asia, the now illegal ( Full Answer )
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Who lived at Satis House?

In 'Great Expectations' (the novel by Charles Dickens) Miss Havisham lived there with her protoshey Estella
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How old is Erik Satie?

Erik Satie was born on May 17, 1866 and died on July 1, 1925. Erik Satie would have been 59 years old at the time of death or 149 years old today.
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What is sati system?

when the husband dies the wife has to be burnt along with him.this is called sati.
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What is 'unus vix satis' in English?

One is scarcely enough is the English equivalent of 'Unus vix satis'. In the word by word translation, the word 'unus' means 'one'. The adverb 'vix' means 'hardly, scarcely'. ( Full Answer )
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How long do you saty at Bristol school of hair design?

If you are referring to the cosmetology, barbering, esthetics school located in Bristol, VA, it depends on what program you are interested in and whether you attend part-time ( Full Answer )
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Who said de maria numquam satis?

This was first said by St. Bernard de Clairvaux St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort and other saints, De Maria nunquam satis!
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How long will Percocet saty in your system?

Percocet, like other opiates, is water soluble and depending on such factors as your own metabolism, water intake, and dosage 24-72 hours. You can get it out of your system fa ( Full Answer )
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Who abolished Sati pratha?

There was a movement against sati pratha led by Raja Ram Mohan Roy, and then it led to abolishment in the privy high court in London.
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What is the practice of sati?

where a girl or widow is burned alive with her husband to help carry him to his next life, even if the girl hasn't seen her husband. People build a sort of cage around the gir ( Full Answer )
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Where would you saty in Israel?

There are hundreds if not thousands of hotels to choose from, of every style, quality, and price range, in every part of every city in Israel. Personally, I would stay with ( Full Answer )
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Who abolished the Sati system in India?

Raja Ram Mohan Roy abolished the evil practice of sati. he not only abolished this practice but also did many other works for the uplistment of women; he set up brahmo samaj i ( Full Answer )
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Who killed sati?

In the tale of Sati she took her own life. She was also known as Dakshayani. She was born to King Daksha in ancient India. In her youth her father tried to propose marraiges t ( Full Answer )
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What does Satis magnum alter alteri theatrum sumus mean?

This is a slightly changed version of a well-known quote from the philospher Epicurus: Satis enim magnum alter alteri theatrum sumus : "each [man] is to another certainly ( Full Answer )
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How do you pronounce non satis scire?

The "non" should have an "o" sound like the first "o" in "omen" and the "satis" should have two short vowels like a short version of the "a" in "father" and the "i" in "pit." ( Full Answer )
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Who is Sati pratha ended?

Raja ram mohan ray ended the sati pratha, though it was a old tradition but it was full of cruel act and against humanity, and the stage of women in india, so we should thankf ( Full Answer )
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What is happens during Sade Sati?

Saturn may put you under financial and personal stress, create frequent obstacles and stop you from achieving success easily. Saturn will challenge you and if you do not rise ( Full Answer )
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How did the system of Sati affect the people?

Satī was a religious funereal practice among some Indian communities in which a recently widowed woman would have to sacrifice her life on her husband's funeral pyre. Many ( Full Answer )
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What religion is the goddess Sati from?

Sati was a Hindu goddess from Iran. Sati's religion was Buddhism. She was the goddess of strong marital affairs. Sati was a traditional Indian woman with divine intelligence.
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What is Erik Satie known for doing?

Erik Alfred Satie was a well known French composer and pianist. He was born in Honfleur, France in 1866, and his most well known work is Gymnopedies.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Sati - 1989?

The cast of Sati - 1989 includes: Shabana Azmi as Uma Ajit Banerjee Arun Bannerjee Kali Bannerjee Shakuntala Barua Menaka Das Bimal Deb Ketaki Dutta Anndam Ganguli Ratna Ghosh ( Full Answer )
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Should you saty in school?

You should always stay in school versus dropping out. A person whohas no education has no future.
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What are the release dates for Sati - 2013?

Sati - 2013 was released on: USA: April 2013 (New York Indian Film Festival) USA: May 2013 France: 15 May 2013 (Cannes Film Festival)