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Why are the lives of the satori crew in danger?

The lives of the Satori crew members were in danger because theywere on a swordfishing boat in the ocean with a dangerous stormapproaching. The Perfect Storm is a non-fiction ( Full Answer )
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What is the origin ethnicity andor country of origin of the surname Satori?

This surname Satori could originate from the following origins below. 1. German, French, Austrian, and possibly Hungarian (of Latin origin): Perhaps they all derived fro ( Full Answer )
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How do you log in to your Satori?

If you can't even log into it, then you probably couldn't accomplish much with it even if somebody else logged in for you. If you have Satori installed on your machine, t ( Full Answer )
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How do satori and nirvana differ?

satori and nirvana refer to states of enlightenment! Answer: Satori is a Zen Buddhist concept of the instantaneous appreciation of the whole meaning of enlightenment. Ni ( Full Answer )
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What does satori mean?

The Japanese word satori literally means "comprehesion", or "understanding" and is a Buddhist term for "awakening". The origin of the word dates from the early 18th century.
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What has the author Elisabeth Satory written?

Elisabeth Satory has written: 'Das neue Kindergartenbuch' -- subject(s): Children's literature, German, Instruction and study, Preschool music