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How high should the flame be while sauteing?

Sauteing is done over high heat and means to cook food rapidly. Preaheat the pan and add the food tossing it to prevent it from burning. Typically after the food is done you d (MORE)
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What is 'Le Grand Saut'?

Le Grand Saut means 'The great leap' in French. It refers to the jump planned by Michel Fournier on May 26, 2008. Fournier has attempted the jump before, but his efforts were (MORE)
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What is sauteing?

the word saute means to "jump" in french, it also means to cook quickly in a small amount of fat.
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What is the meaning of 'saute'?

Saute is when you pan fry foods that are chopped up small in shallow fat, making sure you turn them frequently. Sautéing is a method of cooking food, that uses a small am (MORE)
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How do you pronounce Saut dans le vide?

Literally this means 'a jump into the void/empty space' but in English you would say 'a leap in the dark or into the unknown'.
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Where did sauteing originate?

Sauteing comes from France. The French word sauter means to jump, referring to the manner in which the thinly cut food jumps in the oil.
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Which foods are sauted?

Saute means to fry something briefly over high heat. Most authentic Chinese food is sauted. Examples: "I sauted the onions." "Beef is really good if you saute it in w (MORE)
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What is 'Saute' when translated from French to English?

"Jump!" as a present imperative in the second person informal singular and "shift, sudden change" as a feminine singular noun are English equivalents of the French word Saute (MORE)
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What is the process involved with sauteing food?

Sauteing food can be achieved by using a saute pan or wok and moving it in a circular direction around the heating source. Let the pan sit on the heating source for a few sec (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Le dernier saut - 1970?

The cast of Le dernier saut - 1970 includes: Pierre Arditi Catherine Arditi as Christiane Dancour Michel Bouquet as Jauran Albertine Bui as Tai Abel Corty Christiane Dancourt (MORE)
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What has the author Saut Poltak Tambunan written?

Saut Poltak Tambunan has written: 'Tempias di beranda' 'Lia Nathalia' 'Sengkarut meja makan' 'Lanteung' 'Mandera Na Metmet (Bendera Kecil)'
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What has the author Saut P Panjaitan written?

Saut P. Panjaitan has written: 'Kajian normatif mengenai penggunaan sanksi administrasi dalam penanggulangan pencemaran dan perusakan lingkungan hidup di Kotamadya Palembang (MORE)