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What is a saz?

Definition: The term saz refers to someone or somebody, who usually lives a "freak it" to everything kind of life. A saz, would like to get high very often, and is addicted ( Full Answer )
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What is Saz made of?

Saz is made of wood. It is an instrument that very popular in Turkey. It is the general name of the Bağlama, Cura, Tar (the instrumets that famous in Turkey) etc.
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Saz is what group of instrument?

The Saz is a Turkish instrument. It has seven strings and resembles a longer-necked lute. The seven strings are part of three different groups, and can be tuned differently to ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Jaal Saz - 1969?

The cast of Jaal Saz - 1969 includes: Helen as Dancer Pran as Sunderdas Nasir Hussain as Dwarkanath Nana Palsikar as Mahavir Dara Singh Mala Sinha as Meera
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What has the author Francisco Carrasco del Saz written?

Francisco Carrasco del Saz has written: 'Opus posthvmi nomen sibi vendicans' 'Iuris allegatio pro domino episcopo et decano, et capitulo sanctae cathedralis ecclesiae ciui ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Eugenio Saz written?

Eugenio Saz has written: 'El ideal del joven' -- subject(s): Character, Conduct of life, Young men