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What is a scalene triangle?

A scalene triangle is a triangle that has three unequal sides. Here are some examples of scalene triangles: . All sides are (MORE)
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Are scalene triangle always obtuse?

No, a scalene triangle is simply one that has three unequal sides. An obtuse triangle is one that has one angle of greater than 90 degrees. As an example, this page shows t (MORE)
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Is a scalene triangle an equilateral triangle?

technically, triangle classes have a bulls-eye type name graph, with equilateral triangles in the middle, then isosceles, then scalene, so technically, some scalene triangles (MORE)
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What is a right scalene triangle?

a triangle that has a right angle and the other two angles are diffrent ex: angles= #1. 90 degrees/#2. 35 degrees/#3. 55 degrees
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What are scalenes?

A scalene triangle is one where the three sides are unequal.. A scalene cone or scalene pyramid is one where the axis is not perpendicular to the base. Scalene , in an (MORE)
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What are scalene triangles?

an scalene is a triangle with no sides the same length as in an equilateral has sides all the same length
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How do you spell scalene?

That is the correct spelling of "scalene" (in one sense a triangle with three dissimilar sides).
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What is scalene in math?

the word scalene triangle means... a scalene triangle is a triangle with all different sizes one side can be 3cm long the other one can be 7cmlong and finaly t (MORE)
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Where do the scalenes originate?

They originate from the transverse processes from the cervical vertebrae of C2 to C7 and insert onto the first and second ribs. Thus they are called the lateral vertebral mus (MORE)
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What is a scalene trapezium?

A scalene trapezium is like a scalene triangle since all the sides are not the same
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What is the area of a scalene triangle?

You can use matrices to find the area of the triangle. Find the three coordinates of the scalene triangle. (x1,y1)(x2, y2)(x3, y3). Then you substitute these numbers int (MORE)
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Is a obtuse a scalene in a triangle?

The definition of an obtuse triangle is a triangle with an angle exceeding 90 o . A scalene triangle is a triangle in which no two sides are of equal length. Therefore, it is (MORE)
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How many degrees are in a right scalene?

The sum of the angles is 180, whatever the shape of the triangle. Since one of the angles is a right angle (90 deg), the other two are x degrees and 90-x degrees where 0 < x (MORE)
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Is an obtuse triangle a scalene triangle?

Not always, but it is possible. An obtuse triangle has 1 angle which measures greater than 90 degrees. A scalene triangle has all different lengths in size. It is possible fo (MORE)
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What shape is a scalene triangle?

A scalene triangle's sides aren't the same. None of the sides are the same. i remember it by doing a chant: Scalene No No No sides the same
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What is the area of a scalene?

All triangles have the same formula A=bh/2. Pick any side you like as a base and multiply by half the height, it will always give the area.
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Does a scalene has congruent sides?

A scalene triangle has three sides that are all different. An isosceles triangle has two sides that are the same An equilateral triangle has all three sides the same.
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Can an obtuse triangle be a scalene triangle?

Yes, because as long as one of the triangle's angles are more than 90 degrees and the other 2 are different, it is obtuse and scalene. For example, since all triangle's angles (MORE)
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Is it true that No scalene triangles are similar?

Oh, no, that isn't true. We could have a scalene triangle with sides of, say, 2 cm, 3 cm, and 4 cm. Then we could have another scalene triangle with sides of 4 cm, 6 cm, and 8 (MORE)
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Can a equiangular triangle can be a scalene?

No, it cant. In order to be equiangular, a triangle also has to be equilateral. Equilateral means all three sides are the same, while scalene means none of the three sides are (MORE)
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What is an isosceles and scalene?

They are triangles. An isosceles triangle has two sides that are equal length, and the other side would be a different length. A right triangle could be an isosceles triangle. (MORE)
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Can a trapezoid be scalene?

No, because a trapezoid has 4 sides and a scale has to have 2 sides equal and 1 different.
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What about a scalene?

If u are talking about a scalene triangle (or any shape for that matter) it means that all angles and/or sides are different ie: m
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Is a scalene a isosceles?

Yes , Because The Scalene Leans To The Side And It Has Different Size Sides And The Isosceles Has All Different Size Of Sides
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Is a scalene a equilateral?

no it is not scalene has only unequal sides and equilateral only has equal sides
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What is equilateral scalene?

Equilateral= all three sides the same length. Scalene= no equal sides. It is technically contradictory because there is no such thing as an equilateral scalene triangle.
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What is the use of scalene?

"Scalene" refers to triangles that have (only) two sides of thesame length, and thus two equal interior angles.
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What is a scalene trainagle?

A scalene triangle has 3 different acute angles that add up to 180 degrees and 3 different side lengths.