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What happens in the alternate ending in the game scaler?

Having played and clocked the game within 3 days, I have seen this very lame ending. His father walks through the door to the basement (as a human), asks Scaler why he is down ( Full Answer )
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Difference between scaler processors and vector processors?

One difference between scalar processors and vector processors istheir startup times, with vector processors needing prolongedstartup due to multiple tasks. Another difference ( Full Answer )
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Whats the difference between scaler and vector?

Scaler is the physical quantity having only magnitude, Vector is the physical quantity having both magnitude and direction.
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What is the definition of scaler matrix?

Scaler Matrix . If in the diagonal matrix D, a 11 =a 22 =a 33 =...=a nn =k. Then D is called a scaler matrix.
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How many scaler equations in Maxwell's equations?

Maxwell's equations contain two scalar equations and two vectorequations. Gauss' law and Gauss' law for magnetism are the scalarequations. The Maxwell-Faraday equation and Amp ( Full Answer )
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What does scaler mean?

A scaler quantity is one with magnitude (size) only. ie. not direction dependent. Speed is a scaler quantity, however, velocity is a vector quantity, it has size and direction ( Full Answer )
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Are scaler weapons what cause earthquakes?

I don't know of that. But there are such tectonic weapons utilized. Though Scaler weapons are known to strengthen hurricanes.
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What are jacquette scalers?

all scalers are used for the same thing. They remove calculus from the teeth, the jacquette scaler is able to got closer to the root to remove the calculus.
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What is scaler quntity?

Scaler Quantities are those which are completely specified by their magnitude expressed in suitable units without any mention of direction . Posted by yousufkhan { ( Full Answer )
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Is charge a vector or scaler?

Charge quantity is a scaler quantity, for a charge quantity does not have a direction, which a vector quantity must have.
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Is momentum a vector or scaler quantity?

Momentum is a vector quantity because the definition of momentum isthat it is an object's mass multiplied by velocity. Velocity is avector quantity that has direction and the ( Full Answer )
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Why pressure is scaler?

Because it doesn't have a direction since it acts in all directions at all times
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What is scaler quantity?

Those quantities which can be specified by a number having appropriate unit are called scalars for example mass volume temperature etc this written by Ali Imran
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How do you clean a needle gun scaler?

You need to take it a part and wash it in a parts tank, be sure to lubricate all the parts when you reassemble it.
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Difference between vector and scaler quantity?

Vector quantities are those which have both magnitude and direction while scalers quantities have only magnitude or numerical value but no direction.
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Is a force of friction a vector or scaler quantity?

Friction is a force, which is represented as a vector. That is, a direction and magnitude can always be assigned to frictional force.. There are only 5 quantities that are ve ( Full Answer )
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Are scalers negative why?

Scalars are not always negative. The word scalar means that a value behaves like the numbers we are familiar with. You just add and subtract them.. These are different than v ( Full Answer )
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Why current is a scaler quantity?

Current is a scalar if it is given as a scalar - such as 5A. There is no direction connected with this. If it is referenced to a voltage - 5A at 30 degrees lagging the voltage ( Full Answer )
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What is a scaler quantity?

It is a "scalar quantity", it refers to a quantity that has magnitude but no direction, as distinct from a vector quantity
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Who gave concept of vectors and scaler?

William Rowan Hamilton, the Irish Genius came up with the concepts of Scalar and Vector in 1843 when he created Quaternions, a four dimensional number. A quaternion consists ( Full Answer )
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Power is vector or scaler quantity?

Well it is technically a vector because it has a magnitude and a direction on zero degrees. Reactive power will have a direction of either + or - 90 degrees and apparent power ( Full Answer )
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Give 3 examples of scaler velocity?

There is no such thing as 'scalar velocity'. Velocity is a vector, always. A quantity that tells how fast an object is moving but doesn't tell in which direction it's mov ( Full Answer )
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Why is the volume is a scaler quantity?

When something is scalar, it means it has a magnitude, but not a direction. Volume is a scalar because there is no direction of volume.
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How are scalers different from vectors?

A scalar is a magnitude only (...I am driving at 60 miles per hour), while a vector is a magnitude and direction (...I am driving at 60 miles per hour, heading east).
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Is work a scaler quantity?

work=(force)(distance) means Nm force and distance are vector quantities, so work is vector quantity .
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Why displacement is scaler?

Finding an answer to that question is exceedingly difficult, mainly because its hypothesis is false. Displacement is a vector, not a scalar.
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Is force a scaler or vector quantity?

Force is a vector quantity. When my brother and I were both little guys, I could pull on the toy with a million tons of force toward me, and he could pull on the same toy ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between linear and scaler?

Linear defines a relation between variables that forms a straight line. Scalar is a singular quantity with magnitude only For example in the equation y = x we have a lin ( Full Answer )
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Is mass a scaler?

Yes. -- The sum of 2 kg plus another 2 kg is always 4 kg, no matter which way the little ones are pointing. -- There's no way to combine 2 kg and another 2 kg so as to ( Full Answer )
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What is a dental scaler used for?

A dental scaler is a tool that a dentist typically uses on one's teeth when one visits the dental office. The tool has a metal hook on the end that is used to scrape the teeth ( Full Answer )
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What do log graders and scalers do?

They Grade log or estimate the marketable content or the value of logs or pulpwood in the sorting yards, millpond, log deck, or similar locations.