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How do you remove a scar?

Some can not be removed, while others require a plastic surgeon to remove them. There are over the counter oils and creams that claim to remove scars whether they do or not I ( Full Answer )
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What is a scar?

A scar is a permanent mark on your skin. It is caused by the skin healing imperfectly. Scars that at mentioned in chapter 1 i that big trail left my the plane after they cra ( Full Answer )
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How do you get scars?

You can get scars by getting cut or scratched and picking at your scab. To reduce your chances to get scars be precocious about being scratched! If you want scars scratch all ( Full Answer )
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What is a bud scar?

Crater-like ring of chitinousscar tissue located on the surface of the mother cell. It is formed after the newly emerged daughter cell separates thereby marking the site of cy ( Full Answer )
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How did Tevez get his scar?

Carlos Tevez has his scar because he accidentally spilt boiling water all down his neck and on parts of his chest when he was younger. The football club he was playing for at ( Full Answer )
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Why does chucky have scars?

At the end of the third movie Andy shot him, making him fall backand land in a fan, which ripped him to pieces. Tiffany stitched himback together in Bride of Chucky.
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Do scars move?

Not really. As your body grows, or if you gain weight, then the scar can seem to be further up, or lower than where it was originally, due to the growing or lengthening of the ( Full Answer )
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What are the lyrics to scars?

CHELY WRIGHT : Scars Lyrics . I'm not the first to make you cry I always promise baby this is the last time You believe in second chances and I love you for that But ( Full Answer )
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What is scars?

sort of a dumb question to ask, because scars are gashes in your skin that are either permenant or go away in like years.
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On the Lion King how did scar get his scar?

The first film's as in the canon sources makers have never revealed their own, official vision of that. It is completely up to fanfiction. A profit fanfiction childrens' book ( Full Answer )
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How did the Joker get his scars?

There is much speculation as to how the Joker character received his scars. The most prominent answer seems to be that he either doesn't know, or doesn't want to say. In "The ( Full Answer )
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How did joker get his scars?

I think when he fell in the acid in the 1989 movie he must of got the scars but thats the older version and i think in the 2008 movie story 1 about his dad was the one that is ( Full Answer )
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How did scar from the Lion King get his scar?

There is no official vision on this as the original Lion King filmmakers have never revealed their vision on it. But, there are tons of fan visions and also a book series ti ( Full Answer )
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How did scar on the Lion King get his scar?

There is no official vision on this as the film makers have never revealed their vision on it. But there are tons of fan visions and also a profit fan made vision in the book ( Full Answer )
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How did scar get his scar?

The film makers have never revealed their own official vision of it, nor has The Walt Disney Company in general. There is no official truth to how the movie Scar got his scar. ( Full Answer )
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How did the Disney character scar get his scar?

Scar used to be called Taka and got his scar from a water buffalo. This is official as it is explained in a book series called The Lion King Six New Adventures. You can read t ( Full Answer )
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Does scar have a son?

As in the Lion King? In which case, yes. It is revealed in the Lion King 2: Simba's Pride that Scar had a son called Kovu, who becomes the lead male character of the film.
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What Causes Scars Or Scarring Of The Skin?

Visible scars are the results of over- and under-production of collagen after trauma to the skin. The more your body over-produces collagen, the larger and more discolored the ( Full Answer )
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How did scar get his scar in The Lion King?

The film's makers have never revealed their own, official story for that. There is a profit fanfiction book series approved by the general Disney that includes a fan's vision ( Full Answer )
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What is squealers scar?

A scar made from the corner of the mouth to mid cheek on someonewho squeals on someone else. This alerts others not to trust thispenhbhhrson because he/she can't keep their mo ( Full Answer )
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How did Scar get the name scar when he was born?

They never mention how Scar got the name "Scar" in the film series other than possibly his parents named him that. However, in The Lion King: Six New Adventures book approve ( Full Answer )
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Why are scars white?

Scar tissue is essentially collagen, the same tissue that makes up tendons and ligaments. Tendons attach muscles to bone and ligaments attach bones to each other. Next time yo ( Full Answer )
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How did luffy get his scar?

Luffy cut himself under his left eye to prove to Shanks that he was tough enough to be a pirate ..
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What is a hypertrophied scar?

I put Keloid as my answer because it fits in the hint on my homework for school
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What is the prognosis for scars?

The prognosis for scar treatment depends on factors including the type and severity of the scar. Keloids may return, and all scars are permanent.
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How do you make a scar?

you can't make a scar. it happens like when you fall or something like that and if you pick on the wound it will leave a scar.
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What are the symptoms of a scar?

Initially, a scar is red because blood vessels are created while the body forms scar tissue. The damaged area is covered by a protective scab that eventually falls off. The sc ( Full Answer )
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How did bardock get a scar?

I think bardock got his scar because janemba cut him with his tail because his tail is like a sword
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What do you do about old scars?

What can help the appearance, is coco butter. Coco butter lotion helps nourish it and helps it heal, making it visibly better.
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How do you vanish the scar?

you can't always get rid of scars but a good thing to try is bio oil you can get it from most shops like tesco and just put it on every morning and night. you shouldn't use t ( Full Answer )
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What are hypertophic scars?

Hypertophic scars.are caused by an over-active healing process. This produces an excessive amount of collagen at the wound site.Hypertophic scars do not extend beyond the woun ( Full Answer )
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What are scars caused by?

A dictionary Definition of Scar: Scars are areas of fibrous tissue (fibrosis) that replace normal skin after injury. A scar results from the biological process of wound repa ( Full Answer )
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Does Beyoncé have a scar?

yes she still has a scar from where she had her tattoo removed on her leg
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Is a scar a trait?

A scar is not a trait because a trait is something inherited from one generation to the next. A scar comes from something you inflict upon yourself.
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Can you have a crush on scar?

Yes, you can, but do keep in mind that he is a fictional character. As in never start to take your crush too seriously. If you do start taking it seriously, then you should st ( Full Answer )