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What is the county seat?

The city or town that is the seat of the county government. It would in most cases be where the country court is placed.. The county seat is the operations center of the coun ( Full Answer )
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What is seating groups?

Answer . If your talking about like at school at lunch, It's where certain people or groups of friends or classes sit together.
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What does a seat belt do?

Keeps you in the car and out of the windshield when you have an accident!
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Can you get chlamydia from a seat?

You can't get chlamydia from a seat. Chlamydia is spread by sexual contact with someone who's infected. You can get it from oral, anal, or vaginal sex; genital-genital contact ( Full Answer )
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How many seats are there?

There are many different kinds of seats in the world. There aremillions of different kinds of seats in the world.
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Where is your county seat?

The county seat is usually located in the largest community withinthe county. It houses the courthouse and most federal buildings.
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What rhymes with seat?

meat. beat. feet. heat. seat. wheat Words and phrases that rhyme with seat : (181 results) . 1 syllable : beat , beet , breit , cheat , cleat , cliett , ( Full Answer )
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What is hot seating?

Hot seating is where a character has been put under a spot light and is asked questions from the audience and must stay in character.
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What are promenade seats?

For a show, event, or concert, promenade seats are typically higherup on the balcony level. They normally are not the best seats.
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What is quad seating?

Quad seating is a term used by Kelly Blue Book. It is not applicable to cars. It is used for SUVs and Minivans. Quad seating is when you have 4 individual seats (used to be ca ( Full Answer )
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What is loge seating?

(In a theater, stadium, arena, etc.) the front section of the lowest balcony, separated from the back section by an aisle or railing or both.
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What are county seats?

In a sense, a county seat can be thought of as the capital city of a county. It's the city in which are the administrative buildings of a county.
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Why are there no seats in the Gurudwara?

There are no seats in the Gurudwara because the believe that they should bring their mind low. They believe that you can only gain knowledge is your mind is low. . ANS#2: S ( Full Answer )
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What is caning a seat?

It is the art of making or replacing a woven area with stems of bamboo or rattan to inset into the seat frame.
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Why no seats in mosques?

Actually, there are seats in the mosque, the floor. This clean, open floor space allows Muslims to perform prayers as the Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him performed them.
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How tall do you have to be not to seat in a car seat?

It's not about how tall a child is or their age. The new law states that children must be 60 pounds before they can ride in a car without a car seat. Actually in many states ( Full Answer )
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What is Cane Seat?

Special kind of wood is used in cane chairs, they are really comfortable in sitting and relaxing in ur balcony...
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Why are there no seats in a mosque?

Generally, Muslims don't sit in chairs during prayer. However, chairs are available for the injured, the elderly, and for visitors. See the related question for more inform ( Full Answer )
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Weight to seat in booster seat?

the weight to sit in a booster seat is... 40 pounds AND the age of 4 years, BUT preferably the child is longer.
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What is a outbound seat?

Outbound seats when referring to traveling on a plane or trainrefer to the seats you purchase on your way to your destination.When you purchase round trip tickets, your outbou ( Full Answer )
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What is welt seating?

Kind of like pleats in a skirt, but the welts are sewn down. Look in an upholstery book.
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What is seat number?

A seat number is something people give you when you go somewhere to help you sit down quicker.
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What is the seat of a saddle?

The seat of a saddle is the area that you sit on. In English it is between the cantle and the pommel. In Western it is between the cantle and the horn.
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Is Seat from Germany?

Seat is from Spain. Their head office is near Barcelona. But since 1986 it belongs to the Volkswagen Group, which is German.
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What is an improved seat?

One that follows the curvatures of the spinal cord, cushions it just enough where the bounce is kept to a minimum, yet still is comfortable. The seat is best when memory foam ( Full Answer )
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Where is the seat of the government?

The seat of government typically refers to the capital city where the head of state and legislative body are located. New York City and Philadelphia were both seats of governm ( Full Answer )
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What is a seat of government?

The Seat of Government is called the Capitol , or for a county it's called the County Seat .
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Bucket seats are what type of seats?

A bucket seat is a seat designed to hold exactly one person, as opposed to a bench seat which can hold two or more. In general, the driver and front passenger of a car are buc ( Full Answer )
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What is a safe seat?

A safe seat is a seat in parliament (particularly a UK parliament) which is traditionally held by one party over another.
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Where can you get seat pets?

You can get Seat Pets at places like Amazon, Ebay, and the Seat Pets website. You can also buy these items at the As Seen On TV website on the Internet.
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What is a saddle seat?

A saddle seat is a concave seat, occaisonally with a ridge in thefront, similar to that of a horse's saddle, found on a Windsorchair.
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What is a baby seat?

A baby seat is a car safety restraint designed to hold infants and young children.
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What is the seat is the government?

the seat in government is the biggest orginazation of governers inthat country/state. This was written by a 10 yr old!!!