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Distance from St remy de provence to Montpellier France?

There are in the same region. distance is about 300-400 km. But if you drive day time try go around far from Marseilles Marignane the traffic can impossible. Especially mornin (MORE)
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Montpellier is in which region of France?

Montpellier is in the Herault region of France. You should come and have a look. It's a lovely city with plenty to explore in the surrounding areas.
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What is famous sightseeing spot in France?

Probably the most famous sightseeing place in France is the EiffelTower. It is located in the center of Paris and is high enough tosee a great distance from the top.
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What is montpellier famous for?

Montpellier, France is famous for becoming heavily Protestant afterthe Reformation, while most of the country remained Catholic. It'salso known for becoming an industrial cent (MORE)
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How far is Montpellier from Paris France?

The road distance between Montpellier and Paris is 750 km (465 mi) and the driving time is 6h40. The distance as the crow flies is 596 km (370 mi)