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Who was Sitting Bull?

Sitting Bull (also known as Tatanka-Iyotanka) was the HunkpapaLakota tribal leader in the Great Plains. He was best known as theLakota chief who beat General Custer at Little ( Full Answer )
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How do you sit?

You place your bottom on a flat, level surface; and put your weight on it. It's that simple.
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What is a sit-in?

A sit-in, is a form of protest, which continues until the people involved are evicted or arrested by force. See related link..
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Who sits where in the Gudwara?

Men and women sit separately (men on the left and women on the right usually).
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What are sit-ins?

An organized protest demonstration in which participants seat themselves in an appropriate place and refuse to move.
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How do you sit down?

First, make sure you have a stable surface to rest on. Then, bend your knees to get your buttocks closer to the surface until you make contact. Finally, rest all your weight o ( Full Answer )
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Where do dragons sit?

Umm, anywhere it feels like. Though usually, it lays on its side or its belly.
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How do you do a chair sit?

You sit on a chair by sitting on it!. It is not hard, unless if you have a difficulty.
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Why do you sit?

because after walking around all day your fat bum needs a rest so deal with it lol
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How do you sit on your thumb?

you put your thumb on a chair, then you sit down on your thumb, and boom, you're sittin o your thumb.
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Is it fun to sit?

Of course! It's always fun sitting and doing nothing! . Well, if you're like me, it's hard to just sit and do absolutely nothing. Boredom comes easily for some, harder for ot ( Full Answer )
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Who shows you where to sit?

A seating chart, a ticket with a seat #, something marked at the seat or an usher.
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What bones do you sit on when sitting in a chair?

your butt bone. Who ever said butt bone is either an immature child or a complete moron. I am an EMT student and i do believe it to be the ischium. I get perturbed by moron ( Full Answer )
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Why does Buddha sit the way he sits?

Buddha is not merely sitting! He is meditating and clearing his mind. He has adopted a position that allows the body to become centered within itself, so that limited effort i ( Full Answer )
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How do you get your dachshund to sit?

Before teaching a dog to sit, it should already know and respond to its name. Start the exercise in a quiet room and use a calm voice. Call your dog by its name and show your ( Full Answer )
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How do you sit in Blockland?

By either: . Going to the Options menu . Selecting Control Options . Binding sit to a key you will be able to use Or . Saying /sit ingame.
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How do you sit on your butt?

I personally don't think your can sit on your butt because you are sitting on the surface that your butt is On, so you are not really sitting on your butt
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Do goats sit?

Goats can, in fact, sit. They look silly doing it and most goats don't do it a lot, but they can.
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What is the synonym of sit?

Sense 1:. sit, sit down . Sense 3:. sit down, sit change posture . Sense 9:. seat, sit, sit down put, set, place, pose, position, lay . Sense 2:. sit, sit around b ( Full Answer )
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How do you sit on your computer?

You place your butt on the top of it. Like how you would normally sit.. its common sense :/ And why would you want to sit on your computer?!
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What do you sit on when you eat?

Most common when you eat you sit on a chair. You can also sit at abooth, on a stool, or on a bench. All are places where you can sitand eat.
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Who sits in the Almemar?

No one 'sits in' the Almemar. The more common term used is 'bimah' and it is the platform from which the Torah is read to the congregation and religious services are led in a ( Full Answer )
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Where is God sitting?

he is sitting in the place called heavan it is a wonderful place Spatially: That's a metaphysical question being that God doesn't exist solely in the tri-dimensional world w ( Full Answer )
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Do buffalo sit?

You may see a buffalo sit but usually they lay down on there stomach to rest.
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Is sit a noun as in sit in a chair?

When you say, "I am going to go sit in a chair.", sit would be a verb because that is the action.
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Why does my cat sit on me?

Well the cat probably sits on you because it wants you to scratch it. Cats like warm places, so your cat may be sitting on you because you are warm. Cats also like to be p ( Full Answer )
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What does Iceland sit on?

Iceland sits atop two plates, the Eurasian Plate and the North American Plate, also referred to as the Mid Atlantic Ridge.
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Where do the oboes sit?

It sometimes depends on where your conductor wants the oboe players to sit, but oboes are normally in the middle.
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Where do bird sit?

birds like to sit in a lot of places usually branches of trees houses lamppost's and fences.
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What is the noun of sit?

Sit can be both a verb and a noun. The noun sit is a word for the fit of clothing or a period of being seated. Noun forms for the verb to sit are sitter, a sit in, and ( Full Answer )
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Is sit a form of the verb sit?

Sit is a form of the verb to sit . Present tense, first person singular: I sit. Command form: Sit! as in--"Sit, Fido!"
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Where did people sit or not sit in theatres?

The famous Shakespearian 'Globe' theatre in London; attendees, rather than sitting, stood and enjoyed often interactive theatre with its performers. The Globe was first bui ( Full Answer )
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Why is it you sit not you are sitting?

The conjugation "you sit" is present tense, but is seldom used in that sense. It has the connotation that you consistently or regularly sit. The conjugation "you are sitting ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between sitting on and sitting at?

Sitting on usually indicates you are on something, while atwould be near or beside it. So if were on a table, you would besitting on the table. If you were on a chair beside t ( Full Answer )