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How is the career job scope in information technology after 2008 in India?

well there is a great scope of IT in India.. IT hubs are openin in India and foreign MNC's and even Indian companies are looking forward for talented guys...The jobs in this (MORE)
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Why information technology student diffuclt to get a job?

Answer . \nWhile information technology is a field that still has jobs to fill, there are many other factors that go into hiring someone. \n. \nThere is obviously the re (MORE)
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What kind of jobs can you get in a health information technology field?

Health information technologists organize and manage the healthinformation of patients. Their work ensures accurate medicalrecords, proper billing, and provides databases to a (MORE)
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Best paying jobs in Information technology computing?

The best paid IT jobs are in: . -IT Security . Pacakaged ERP Software (Peoplesoft, SAP, Hyperion) -- both technical and functional . Programming/Development (.NET, Java) (MORE)
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What are the benefits of information technology on business?

The advantages of information technology are vast. True globalization has come about only via this automated system. The creation of one interdependent system helps us to shar (MORE)
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What kind of job can you get with a bachelors in Information Systems as far as for information technology?

Is really obvious 1st you become a IT Analyst, Programmer,IT consultant,Computer Engineering,Web design, Is really obvious 1st you become a IT Analyst, Programmer,IT consultan (MORE)
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What types of jobs can you get with a BA degree in business information technology?

You mean a BS in Information Technology? (It's usually not very artistic ;). My BS degree in Computer Information Systems included a lot of IT stuff. IT is very generalized. (MORE)
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What is the job profile for MBA in information technology?

What is the job profile after doing MBA in information technology ? and where is the right place for grow my future soon. i have ambition to doing Phd in computer science in (MORE)
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What are benefits for using information technology?

When you utilise IT for any task you are given all the tools in one place for researching, publishing information and collaborating in a professional way. It is the most produ (MORE)
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Can i get a job in information technology after studing B.Tech in biotechnology?

Theoretically yes, though remember that HR people generally don't really know all that much about technology, so they're going by a checklist and if your resume doesn't fit th (MORE)
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After btech how get a goob job in information technology?

\nInformation Technology is particularly important in the "service" industries such as banking, insurance, and communications. The majority of new jobs in recent years have be (MORE)
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Benefits of information technology to communication?

The use of information technology in communication is two-fold. It allows for information to be stored after being gathered, and storage in different formats is still storage (MORE)
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What Jobs you can get with a degree in Information Technology management?

A degree in Information Technology Management can land you a job in a few fields of work. Information Technology would be one field, Database Administrator, programming, possi (MORE)
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What are benefits about technology?

Internet . telephone . Television . cars . CLEAN water . heating/air conditioning . cellphones . computers . language . toaster . blenders . electronics . etc.
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How is the job market for information technology project managers?

Information technology project managers with recent, extensive experience in managing infrastructure projects are in demand. So are those with recent, extensive experience man (MORE)
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What jobs can you get with information technology?

its just depend on the field u choose. Database administrating, mainframes, software and hardware technologies, ethical hacking, security analyst,Hardware and network admini (MORE)
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What are the jobs that are made obsolete by information technology?

Any job in which the individual answers a customer's inquiry withinformation from a data base will become obsolete (insurance,inventory workers, doctor office workers) Any jo (MORE)
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How do police use information technology in their job?

In this technological world every organization is utilizing internet for boosting their efficiency. Police department of any country relies a lot on IT (different software and (MORE)
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Why are information technology jobs being outsourced?

IT jobs are being outsourced because it is cheaper for companies to pay workers in developing countries than it is locally. The standard of living is much lower so the salary (MORE)
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What are some information technology jobs?

There are many different job titles that are considered to be information technology jobs. Some of these titles include: applications developer, applications architect, networ (MORE)
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Where can one find jobs in information technology?

Online employment service providers such as 'Monster', 'CareerBuilder' and 'LinkedIn' offer a wide variety of jobs in Information Technology. Where Monster and CareerBuilder o (MORE)
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Where can one find out more about an information technology job?

There are various ways to find out more about an information technology job. First of all, think about your direct environment. You probably have an interest in an information (MORE)
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Where can one find a job using technology information?

Technology information is used in every field of work. If you want to know where to find a job by using technology information, you can go to recruitment agencies. They have a (MORE)
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What are the benefits of information technology in HR?

HR can have an effect on organizational ethnicity definitely or unconstructively . As a company matures, it may produce a human resources department that is accountable f (MORE)