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What rhymes with soak?

Bloke, coke, choke, cloak, oak, poke, toke, woke, yoke. Poke Croak Stroke Broke Folk Oak Woke Polk joke stoke Words that rhymes with soak: Bloke, coke, c ( Full Answer )
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Does mud soak into your skin?

Not really, but it can penetrate someone's pores and causeblackheads. It can have certain properties absorbed into the skinwhich is why some use mud baths.
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How is tofu soaked?

Tofu is not soaked, the water that is present in the tofu container is basically the water present in the soy milk, and usually some sea salt water. The tofu is the curdled ( Full Answer )
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Beans soaked in water microorganisms?

Although cooking on high heat can kill the bacteria(microorganism)in beans. However, beans can be soaked for 1 or 2 hours , throw thewater and then cook further.
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Do you soak a clarinet?

NO! Never soak your clarinet in water, and try your best to keep it out of humid climates. Humidity and water will ruin the pads covering your clarinet's holes and loosen the ( Full Answer )
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She was soaked to the bone?

Hi mommy Its means very skillfull Trollolollolo Follow This people Do it Do it Do it Do it In the butt
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What does soaking potatoes do?

Placing potatoes in cold water keeps them from turning brown. It also pulls the starch out of the potatoes, which makes fries crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I ( Full Answer )
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How soaking period is decided?

Normally It Depends Upon The Cross-Section of Job To be Heated, It is Also affected by the material of job. If these jobs are of ferrous materials then the temp. is decided by ( Full Answer )
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Can you soak cuts with boric acid?

Boric acid works well as an antiseptic. It is used in a diluted solution simply to clean and sanitize the wound.
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What happens when you soak rice?

rice will absorb some water and becomes soft. Water absorption is depends on the time of soaking and quality of rice.
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What is to soak as flax?

The verb is "ret" as in "that's the retting vat". Retting is using water and organisms living in it to break down tissue in plants and get to the fibres.
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How do you soak the tree in Heartgold?

Defeat the gym leader . go to the flower shop . squirt sudowoodo . then battle him . then that's all the steps
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How can you tell if soaked beans are spoiled?

I'm not quite sure what you mean by if soaked beans are spoiled. If you soaked them and forgot about them they are probably fine unless they look weird, smell bad or have mol ( Full Answer )
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Why do oboe reeds have to be soaked in water?

All reeds need to be soaked to soften them before playing. This allows them to vibrate as you play. A hard, dry reed will crack rather than vibrate. Single reeds for instrumen ( Full Answer )
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Is a pickle really a soaked cucumber?

NO. . A pickle is a pickled cucumber. :P so yeah. they are! Though technically anything that has been pickled (soaked in a brine or vinegar solution for long keeping) is a ( Full Answer )
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Do they allow goggles at soak city?

Yes and No, They will allow the Swim type goggles that over the Eyes only. They will not permit anything that covers the nose. Also keep in mind that they do not allow p ( Full Answer )
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Are pickles soaked in evil?

OF COURSE NOT! I love pickles. If you really want to know pickles are cucumbers soaked in vinegar and a variation of spices. Different people use different spices wherever you ( Full Answer )
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How do you soak a ingredients?

immerse them in water/liquid until they are soft enough or have been there long enough to satisfy the instructions
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What can soak up pee?

Not sure what you mean with soak up from where. If we talk about clothes and you don't want to wear a diaper, you can try the pads for menstruation but choose one that is ( Full Answer )
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What happens when you soak a bone in milk?

My class and I conducred an experament with bomes. We collected chicken nones and soaked them in foir liquids, one was milk, over the experament we noticed that the nomes that ( Full Answer )
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Does cotton soak up water?

cotton does soak up a little water. It soaks up water cauzz it has litttle air holes just like the sponge...but it is not made of the same material as sponge soo it wont soak ( Full Answer )
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What is soak pit?

a soak allows water to gradually enter the ground . it absorves WATER , FILTERS IT AND PUSHES IT INTO THE GROUND . THIS INCREASES THE LEVEL OF GROUND WATER
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Why soak halloumi?

Personally I soak halloumi to reduce the salt content, soaking the cheese for an hour or so in fresh water will draw some of the salt out of the cheese. Alternatively, soakin ( Full Answer )
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Is soaking a noun?

Yes, soaking a verbal noun (a gerund), the present participle ofthe verb 'to soak'. The present participle of the verb alsofunctions as an adjective. Example uses: Verbal nou ( Full Answer )
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Is soaked an adverb?

An adverb is a descriptive word that modifies a verb. 'Soaked' does not modify a verb (eg the sentence "Dave soaked glanced at Karen, who melted" does not make sense, because ( Full Answer )
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What is soak verb?

The verb is soak, soaks, soaking, soaked; to become saturated or cause to become saturated with liquid; to wet thoroughly; to drench.
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What is a synonym for soak?

absorb , assimilate , bathe, damp , dip, drink , drown , dunk, flood , imbrue, immerge, immerse , impregnate, infiltrate , infuse , macera ( Full Answer )
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Is soaking an adverb?

Yes, but only idiomatically as in "soaking wet" where soaking can be considered to intensify wet, as also seen with "dripping wet" which can be even wetter. Soaking is normall ( Full Answer )
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What is a foot soak?

It means to soak your feet. This often involves putting specialthings in the water to soothe your feet, but you can also just soakthem in water.