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What rhymes with soak?

Bloke, coke, choke, cloak, oak, poke, toke, woke, yoke. Poke Croak Stroke Broke Folk Oak Woke Polk joke stoke Words that rhymes with soak: Bloke, coke, c (MORE)
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Do you soak a clarinet?

NO! Never soak your clarinet in water, and try your best to keep it out of humid climates. Humidity and water will ruin the pads covering your clarinet's holes and loosen the (MORE)
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What does soaking potatoes do?

Placing potatoes in cold water keeps them from turning brown. It also pulls the starch out of the potatoes, which makes fries crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I (MORE)
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How soaking period is decided?

Normally It Depends Upon The Cross-Section of Job To be Heated, It is Also affected by the material of job. If these jobs are of ferrous materials then the temp. is decided by (MORE)
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Can you soak cuts with boric acid?

Boric acid works well as an antiseptic. It is used in a diluted solution simply to clean and sanitize the wound.
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What happens when you soak rice?

rice will absorb some water and becomes soft. Water absorption is depends on the time of soaking and quality of rice.
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What is to soak as flax?

The verb is "ret" as in "that's the retting vat". Retting is using water and organisms living in it to break down tissue in plants and get to the fibres.
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When does soaking occur?

Soaking is usually the first thing you do when preparing a meal like poultry.
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How do you soak a ingredients?

immerse them in water/liquid until they are soft enough or have been there long enough to satisfy the instructions
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What is soak pit?

a soak allows water to gradually enter the ground . it absorves WATER , FILTERS IT AND PUSHES IT INTO THE GROUND . THIS INCREASES THE LEVEL OF GROUND WATER
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Why soak halloumi?

Personally I soak halloumi to reduce the salt content, soaking the cheese for an hour or so in fresh water will draw some of the salt out of the cheese. Alternatively, soakin (MORE)
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Is soaking a noun?

Yes, soaking a verbal noun (a gerund), the present participle ofthe verb 'to soak'. The present participle of the verb alsofunctions as an adjective. Example uses: Verbal nou (MORE)
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What is soak verb?

The verb is soak, soaks, soaking, soaked; to become saturated or cause to become saturated with liquid; to wet thoroughly; to drench.
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What is a synonym for soak?

absorb , assimilate , bathe, damp , dip, drink , drown , dunk, flood , imbrue, immerge, immerse , impregnate, infiltrate , infuse , macera (MORE)
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Is soaking an adverb?

Yes, but only idiomatically as in "soaking wet" where soaking can be considered to intensify wet, as also seen with "dripping wet" which can be even wetter. Soaking is normall (MORE)
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What is a foot soak?

It means to soak your feet. This often involves putting specialthings in the water to soothe your feet, but you can also just soakthem in water.