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What is a soaker tub?

Answer . Most bathtubs can fill to about 14 inches high. A soaker tub is deeper, allowing the bather to more fully submerge their body. Soaker tubs are generally much mo ( Full Answer )
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How do you fix the super soaker aqua shock secret strike trigger if broken?

Duct tape ;) -and paper towel tubes []___CRAYOLA_______[]>-------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- Very Cafef ( Full Answer )
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Why did Lonnie Johnson invent the Super Soaker?

He created it because he was sick and he needed an easier way 2 drink water other than from a cup This isn't in any site or books I've read- he invented the idea for the Sup ( Full Answer )
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What impact did the super soaker have?

The Super Soaker was a squirt gun that had a large impact on summerfun for children. These kids used these water guns to cool off andfor play.
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How did the invention of the super soaker impacted on life?

meow verily. the super egg is a very intruiging disguise. we all like a good coffee when the oppurtunity comes up, but i mean, comon? cant we eat MOBILE PHONES? Ño. ño. ( Full Answer )
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How much does a super soaker xp215 cost?

It costs less than $10. On, it costs $8.99. On eBay you can get one for $9.90. But the cost depends on where you buy it. It can't be bought in stores anymore; at le ( Full Answer )
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Is the super soaker a toy?

Yes the super soaker is a toy. It is a water gun and is enjoyed by mainly young children.
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What is the water capacity of a Nerf super soaker?

Well, the major super soakers that come in blue, there is four types of guns. The bottle blitz holds 8.4 oz, the hydro fury's hold 5.5 oz, the rattler holds 38 oz, and finally ( Full Answer )
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Is it safe to eat meat that was cooked with soaker pad from packaging?

It's called a meat pad and I was concerned when I did the same thing. I called the butcher and he said all this is is a packing material used to soak up blood while the meat i ( Full Answer )
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Where can you buy super soaker cps 3200?

You can buy them off of eBay, Craigslist or garage sales. They aren't made anymore so it's more difficult to find them.
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Which would win Nerf vortex or Nerf super soaker?

Well it just depends. The Vortex team would get soaked and the Super Soakers would get hit with the discs. I would probably go with the Super Soakers.
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How do I win circus soaker on wimpy board walk?

You have to aim for the little hole in his mouth with the little hose. There are to other people lets just say computers are playing aganst you. If you fill your balloon first ( Full Answer )
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Where can expansion packs for Super Soaker water guns be purchased?

Expansion packs for Super Soaker water guns do not appear to be available. The best option seems to be to purchase a Super Soaker which by itself meets the specifications for ( Full Answer )
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Do Super Soakers get stolen from any Walgreens?

Super Soakers are a seasonal item sold in the toy section ofWalgreens. Some Walgreen stores may use security tags to preventSuper Soakers from being stolen.