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What is a sob?

SOB is an acronym that usually means son of a b****. Not a nice thing to call someone else.
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What is SOB?

SOB stands for son of a (another name for a female dog). SOB is anacronym that can stand for many things such as South of the Border,Shortness of Breath, and Source of Busines ( Full Answer )
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What does SOB stand for?

It stands for a lot such as: SOB , Shortness of Breath (symptom). SOB , School Of Business. SOB , South of the Border. SOB , Summary of Benefits. It also may mean "son of ( Full Answer )
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Sobbing in a sentences?

Upon being reminded of his mother's recent death, Ben began sobbing, tears streaming down his face.
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What is a good sentence using sobbed?

Ok You May Listen To Mine, You Would Certinaly Like To Say: My Brother Sobbed For The Toy When My Mother/Father Diden't Let Him Buy It!
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What part of speech is sobs?

Depending on how it's used, sobs can be a noun or a verb. As a verb, it is the third person singular present tense of sob. She sobs into her pillow. As a noun: Her heart-wr ( Full Answer )
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Which character in Alice in Wonderland is always sobbing?

The Mock Turtle (who appears in chapter IX) keeps sobbing all the time, even though the Gryphon insists there's no real reason for doing so. There's also someone who cries ( Full Answer )
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Full form of sob in chatting?

The acronym "SOB" Stands for: Son of a (female dog) and is usually used when insulting someone. within the brackets is a description of the offensive word.
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Can you add a whammy bar on a avenger sob?

Sorry, no. Your' guitars' value new is 300.00 bucks. It would cost atleast 200.00 dollars in labor and another 200 in parts to do it. Also, you will be destroying a key ele ( Full Answer )
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What is a motorboating sob?

A son of a bee who owns or rides, and probably brags about, their motorboat.
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Is sobbing an adjective?

The -ING form of a verb can be used as a noun, adjective, or adverb. "Sobbing" is an adjective if applied to a person, i.e. "a sobbing woman".
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What does the medical abbreviation SOB mean?

SOB is the abbreviation for Shortness of Breath, but it not commonly used nowadays. DOB or Difficulty Of Breathing is more acceptable.
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Will galco sob 224 holster fit Glock 27?

The 224 holster is for the Glock 17- different caliber, but I think a bit larger than the 27. Go to the Galco website, and look up the holster for your Glock.
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What are the rules for the SOB card game?

2 - pick up 2 (if you person next to you has a 2 then next person picks up 4) King- rotation Jack- change suites Joker- pick up 4 8- skip person next to you When 1 c ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of sob in chating?

To sob is to cry. Some people on the internet or in real life chatmay say "We don't want to hear your sob story" which means thatthey don't want to hear about you complaining ( Full Answer )
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What is an adverb for sobbed?

There is one, sobbingly , based on the present participle. Adverbs that can modify the verb form sobbing include quietly,loudly, or openly.
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Sentence of sobbing?

I when to the toliet sobbing because everyone was teasing me as my hair was ugly. I sobbed because I did not pass the exam.
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Is sobbing a real word?

Yes, it is the present participle of the verb (to sob) and may beused as a verb form, as a gerund noun (e.g. sobbing was heard), oras an adjective (sobbing women).
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When Ralph finally begins to sob uncontrollably what is he crying for?

Instead of asking the internet for all the answers to your questions about the book :) read it yourself:p And the answer is he was crying for all of the pigs and simon and pig ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence for sob?

When my boyfriend broke up with me, I wanted to sob. But my friends said the guy wasn't worth it to sob over losing him.
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Is sobbing an abstract noun?

The word 'sobbing' is the present participle of the verb 'to sob'. The present participle is also a gerund (verbal noun) and an adjective. The noun form can be either concrete ( Full Answer )
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What is a sob license?

An "SOB license" is a Sexually Oriented Business license. You need one to work in strip clubs (even if you're just a server and not a stripper).
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What does it mean to sob uncontrollably?

Sobbing uncontrollably is an emotional response with crying and convulsive gasping. This type of emotion is hard to get under control and ones speech is usually garbled.