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Why is mah phone sOo cOoL?

The camera was made by Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre on a Tuesday in April in 2134
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How do you do Tang Soo Do?

You find an instructor and learn from them. There are many dojo in the US and much of the world that teach this style. Closely related would be Tai Kwon Do.
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Why is ice cream soo yummy?

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Where can you get soo many friends?

To be a friend first then makes friends. Offering trust, respect, sincerity, faith in the hearts of other milds them automatically towards one self. Time is equally important ( Full Answer )
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Why is school soo boring?

Because most of the time people learn things that really is useless in life. Also, you probably find school boring because you are uninterested in the things they teach you. H ( Full Answer )
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I bow wow i love you soo?

hey bow wow this is cheraque the girl you met at the verizon center i love you
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Why is Nick Jonas soo yummy?

EWWWWWWWWWWWW! Nick, Kevin and Joe arn't yummy, arn't cute or not Evan HOT! of course, that's just me, and my family, and friends, and most people I know. Hey,, maybe its bec ( Full Answer )
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How am I soo pretty?

youu are pretty coz youu are and i am too xx. iloveyouu :). add me on msn :
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Why is it always soo boring?

it is always boring because you are not going out and enjoying yourself. take a trip to the beach or just go for a walk . live a little!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love you soo much in spanish?

According to Google Translate (which may not be the EXACT meaning): "Te quiero mucho!" Hopefully a Spanish person can come and answer for you :) Good luck! ~OneAndOnly1 ( Full Answer )
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Why are twin soo rude?

I'm guessing it's not only with twins, but siblings as well. Me and my brother don't get along sometimes, but you eventually will have some nice times. I believe it is because ( Full Answer )
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How old is Carmen soo?

Carmen Soo Wai Mun is 32. Carmen was born October 14,1977. . Hope this helps!! :) .
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What are the colors of tang soo do belts?

Tang Soo Do Belts go in this order: White White with a stripe Orange Orange with a stripe Green Green with a stripe Green with 2 stripes Blue Red Red with a stripe Midnight B ( Full Answer )
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Why are you soo tired?

i am soo tired its so annoying i didnt sleep but after i left yesterday i went shopping with my aunt and twin cousins and then i had went to wendys and got a frosty for 99 cen ( Full Answer )
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Why cheerleading soo organized?

well cheerleading has to be organized because their are different parts to the routine that go on. If you just have cheerleaders running around on the floor nobody for one wil ( Full Answer )
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Why is Cartman soo fat?

well obviously cause he doesn't get enough exercise and that's the way he was animated
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Why are the soo locks important?

i don't know. how am I supposed to know a stupid question like this? why ask a question like this? look it up in a book or go hug a tree that's what I would do sir .
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Tang soo do grapples?

Tang soo do is a is a strike based martial arts that focuses on not having to go to the ground. The mentality of it is "I should have you beaten while we're both standing," wh ( Full Answer )
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Why are braces soo expensive?

Because the dentist is stupid, they just want money. They are not worth anything. Even if you are 12 they treat you like little kids.
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Why are blacks hated soo much?

Black people are hated for two reasons. The first is that white people have hated them and used them as slaves and since the north won the civil war they have been mad. They h ( Full Answer )
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Who was in tang soo do in the 1600s?

No one, tang so do is a modern created Korean martial art derivingfrom Shotokan Karate.
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What does soo woop mean?

A word commonly used by Blood gangs to call out for each other! Me: SUWOOP!!! Other gang member: Whats Brackin? Me: Bicken Back Bein Bool!
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Why does a teacher have to be soo mean?

teachers are mean to students is just because of the stress they faced during their career. so you have to give in a little time and i understand that you faced frustrations d ( Full Answer )
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Why is lillie soo freaking awzum?

Because she has the best friends in the world & loves some guy. She absolutley
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What is SOO?

Soo is a surmane. Just like many other surnames, there is tan, lim, ching, brown, smith, etc... So in terms of name wise soo is just a surname or may be used as a name.
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Why is Shahrukh Khan soo cute?

Sharuk khan is soo cute .. because he puts jel in his hair and that looks sooo cute and the look of his face his voice everything about him
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Why is WikiAnswers soo fun?

WikiAnswers is fun if you have an inquiring mind. If you like to learn about the world or something in it, it's in here. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can ask ( Full Answer )
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Why is jack sanders soo gay?

Because he is a bloody retard! And he needs to goo suck a fat one
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Why is MrSayers soo phsycotic?

Well....for starters, he looks like an alien! Also he makes fun of kids that cry and he like lih lih number 2's mom in da 7th grade. das it!
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Why ronaldo is soo road?

He allways takes free kicks because his team (Real Madrid) thinks he is the one most often to score. also he is my favorite player in the world. he is able to control the ball ( Full Answer )
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What is SOOS mean in Indian language?

Without knowing exactly which native American language you mean it is impossible to give a definitive answer; the Ahtna word sos means a bear (Ahtna is an Alaskan Athapaskan ( Full Answer )
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Why do hamsters poo soo much?

Things go into one end of the hamster, and so things have to come out of the other end.
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How old is Kim Soo Hyun?

Kim Soo-Hyun (actor) is 29 years old (birthdate February 16, 1988). Kim Soo-Hyun (actress) is 32 years old (birthdate January 25, 1985). * There is an older Kim Soo-Hyun, al ( Full Answer )
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When did Chung Ling Soo die?

Chung Ling Soo died on March 24, 1918, in Wood Green, London, England, UK of gunshot wound.
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How soo can a woman realize that she has conceived?

In some cases, she can get a good idea almost immediately. Some women experience a sudden pain called "mittelschmertz", which is German for "mid-cycle pain", which signals the ( Full Answer )