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What is Sri Lanka?

President: Mahinda Rajapaksa (2005) Ancient Sri Lanka According to the Mah?vamsa , a chronicle written in P?li language, the ancient period of Sri Lanka begins in 543 ( Full Answer )
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What does sri in vectra sri mean?

Super Rally injection Here a 4 point injection system is used as opposed to the mono point injection used on some other cars. The SRi designation also includes trim level, i ( Full Answer )
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What is sri?

SRI or "Socially Responsive Investment" is a means of investing to meet financial goals, but in a way that is consistent with a person's or institution's values or mission in ( Full Answer )
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What is the population in Sri lanka?

As of 2013, the population of Sri Lanka is 21.4 million people. Thelargest city in Sri Lanka is Colombo with a population of 648,034people.
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What was the first kingdom in Sri Lanka?

Anuradhapura is the first documented capital in sri lanka which was founded around 2300BC. First king of Anuradhapura was Pandukabhaya who ruled for 70 Years. There are leg ( Full Answer )
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Sri lanka is located in what ocean?

Sri Lanka is in the Indian Ocean and is separated from India by the Gulf of Mannar and the Palk Strait.
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What is Sri Lanka's capital?

Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte is the political/administrative capital. It replaced Columbo as the capital when administrative functions were transferred there, but Columbo remaine ( Full Answer )
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What was the earlier name for Sri Lanka?

Answer . The earlier name of the State of Democratic Sosialist Republic of Sri Lanka was Free Sovereign and Idependent Republic of Sri Lanka while the former one was Ceylo ( Full Answer )
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How many airports in Sri Lanka?

only one. That is BANDARANAYAKE airport in Colombo.. Now on 2016,there are two international air ports and few more domestic air ports. . New air port i sin Hambanthota
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Where is Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) is an island nation south of India inthe Indian Ocean. Its diverse landscapes range from rainforest andarid plains to highlands and sandy beaches. ( Full Answer )
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What month was Sri Sri Ravishankar born?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ( Tamil : ஸ்ரீ ஸ்ரீ ரவிஷங்கர் ; Kannada : ಶ್ರೀ ( Full Answer )
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Who is Sri Aurobindo?

He is famous for many quotes. The Sri Aurobindo Education Society in New Delhi is based on him. He was said to be in contact with the Divine. A blue light appeared around him ( Full Answer )
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How did the Sri Lanka tsunami change Sri Lanka?

In the eastern Sri Lankan Ampara District alone, more than 5,000people died. A holiday train, the "Queen of the Sea", was struck bythe tsunami near the village of Telwatta as ( Full Answer )
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How many schools are in Sri Lanka?

There aremany nations and religions. And many children for education. There are schools more than 2000.
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Is Sri Lanka safe?

The Foreign Office provides up to date information about countries with danger or terrorism threat levels. As of Feb 3rd 2010 they are advising against any travel to Sri La ( Full Answer )
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Tiger live in the Sri Lanka?

Yala is a one of biggest forests in srilanka. There are tigers in there. They are smaller than bengali tiger.
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Where is the Sabarimala Sri Dharmasastha Temple?

Sabarimala Sri Dharmasastha Temple is located in PathanamthittaDistrict of Kerala State, India. It is around 170 kms from KochiAirport; travel time around four and half hours. ( Full Answer )
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What is the neighbor in Sri Lanka?

There are some countries near to the island. sri lanka is close to india. india and sri lanka are neighbors.
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Why was Sri Lanka called ceylon?

In the past sri lanka was under the british. Great Britain ruled srilanka before. They named srilanka as ceylon.
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What is the national tree of Sri Lanka?

Mesua Ferrea or Iron Wood is the National tree of Sri Lanka. More Details: This rain forest tree grows to about 30 m high and indigenous to the lower wet Zone of Sri Lanka ( Full Answer )
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Who are all the Presidents of Sri Lanka?

Given below is a list of all the presidents of Sri Lanka along withthe tenure of their service. . William Gopallawa (22 May 1972 to 4 February 1978) Remarks- He was the l ( Full Answer )
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What is the religen of Sri Lanka?

we know srilanka as a south asian country. and also it is an island. major religion of it is sri lanka.
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God Bless you in Sri Lanka?

It is "Obata Devi Pihitai" Pronounced as O BA ta De Vi Pi Hi Ta Yi
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Is Sri Lanka on the equator?

Yes it is on the equator. It is a asian island. iIt is little bit hot in srilanka.
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In which part of sri lanka did sri lanka Tamils live?

Because of the Tamil Tiger terrorists, the Tamil civilians were forced to stay in the areas where the LTTE controlled while all other ethnic populations had to leave within 48 ( Full Answer )
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Who is head of state of Sri Lanka?

His excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa, president of Sri Lanka is the leader of the country. The link to the Wikipedia article is given below.
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What is Sri Yantra?

The Shri Yantra is formed by nine interlocking triangles that surround and radiate out from a central point. It represents the Hindu goddess Sri Lakshmi, the goddess of abun ( Full Answer )
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Which state did King Sri Sri Krishnadevaraya rule?

Sri Krishnadevaraya was the King and ruler of Vijayanagara Empire which included parts of southern Indian states - Karnataka, Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa and Mahara ( Full Answer )
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How do you say I am From sri lanka in Sri Lanka?

As Sri Lanka is a multinational country, there are many ways toexpress the same in several languages. It could be said as "mama sri lankawen" in Sinhalese (මම ශ ( Full Answer )
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Where is Sri Lankans?

This is a mad question. Sri lankans are living in their country. Their country is srilanka.
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Who was Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is not a person; it is an island country in the IndianOcean. As of 2012, Sri Lanka had a population of 20.33 million.
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What is sri in sri lanka?

Sri lankans use sri for make honor. sri lankans respect their country very much. So they use word sri.
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What and where is Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is an island off the southern tip ofIndian. It was formerly known as Ceylon.