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What is SSH?

SSH (Secure Shell) is a client/server package used in Unix and Linux systems to provide secure access to a remote system.
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How can I ssh into a Linux system without it needing a password?

The only safe way to set up a system to allow sshing without a password is to have a a special key stored on both the server and your personal box The only problem with this m ( Full Answer )
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What makes SSH secure?

Passwords are transferred over ssh in hashed form, not plaintext. Assuming you have a strong password, it would be very difficult to figure it out based on it's hash.
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How do you enter a password into an SSH connection?

Once connected, it will prompt you for the password. Most SSH clients don't echo the password, so just assume that it is being entered. After you have typed it in, hit Enter.
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What are disadvantages of telnet over ssh?

Some disadvantages of telnet over SSH include its lack of security,known vulnerabilities, and compatibility. SSH is used extensivelyto provide a secure connection between remo ( Full Answer )
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What is the primary disadvantage of telnet As compared to SSH?

Telnet is non secure, travel data in open form you can easily theft/capture data, ssh is secure transmission of data over network, telnet is little bit faster than SSH, b ( Full Answer )
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What is an SSH server?

An SSH server is a daemon that listens for requests to log in using SSH from remote computers. SSH basically allows you to control a Linux or Unix computer just as if you were ( Full Answer )
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How do you use SSH?

SSH is extremely simple. Using the SSH client, you connect to the computer running the SSH server using the command ssh [ip address or hostname here]
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Which program is meant to replace SSH?

There is no particular program meant to replace SSH. SSH is considered a modern and secure program, so there is no reason to replace it.
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What are the similarities and differences between ssh and telnet?

Both can be used to control a computer remotely through commands, but Secure Shell (SSH) is more secure than the older Telnet protocol.\n Both can be used to control a comput ( Full Answer )
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What is the command to obtain root permission in Linux for SSH?

There is no command specific to SSH. Whether you are physically using the machine in question or using an SSH client the process is the same. On Ubuntu, one is encouraged not ( Full Answer )
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Why does SSH shows refuse message?

The most likely reason is that no SSH server is running on the target computer. Another reason may be that the SSH server was placed on a non-standard port as a safety precaut ( Full Answer )
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What is the similarities and differences between rsh and ssh?

rsh and ssh are similar in that they can execute commands on remote systems. The main difference between the two (besides the actual TCP ports) is that rsh traffic is not encr ( Full Answer )
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What is ssh protocol?

SSH stands for secure shell. It is a more secure way to connect and perform remote functions. Telnet will allow you to connect to a router or other device and type commands. T ( Full Answer )
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Why is SSH more recommended than Telnet for switch management?

It provides strong authentication and secure communication over insecure channels. When using SSH's login the entire login session, including transmission of text and pass ( Full Answer )
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What is the .ssh directory on Unix used for?

Typically, programs store program information in hidden files in your home directory. The 'ssh' program stores cached host keys in the ".ssh" folder.
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How does SSH operate as a network?

SSH (secure shell), works by allowing data to be stored and a access key to be provided. Anyone who has the key is able to retrieve the information that was stored online.
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What is a cygwin ssh in computer terms?

Cygwin/X is used with Windows. SSH is used to open a session on Windows. Unless one is extremely familiar with these terms, it is best to consult a professional.
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What is an SSH client used for?

An SSH client is often used for sending data over a secure connection between two networked computers. The best-known use for the SSH protocol is to access shell accounts.
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Where does SSH keep its list of servers in Linux?

Usually it'll be kept in ~/.ssh/known_hosts. When you change operating systems or reinstall SSH daemons on machines you have access to, it is often a good idea to delete this ( Full Answer )
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What port does SSH use by default?

SSH stands for Secure Shell. SSH always uses port 22 as default although some people will change their ports. Under unusual circumstances will the default port no be 22.
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Where can someone open an SSH?

You can open an SSH on your own computer by downloading and installing the PuTTY software. You can get this software for free from websites such as SourceForge.
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What does a SSH Keygen actually do?

An SSH Keygen is used to generate, manage, and convert authentication keys for SSH authentication. With an SSH Keygen tool, a user can create passphrase keys for both SSH prot ( Full Answer )
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Where can one get cheap ssh hosting?

Some of the places that one can find cheap SSH hosting are from LevelHosting and StableHost. These companies offer services for hosting SSH access that are not expensive.
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What is the purpose of Putty SSH?

PuTTY, or putty, is an open sourced terminal emulator that can control SSH connections, as well as transfer files across a network, and act as a serial console.
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What is the purpose of a SSH server?

An SSH server is a software program which uses the secure shell protocol to accept connections from remote computers. SFTP/SCP file transfers and remote terminal connections a ( Full Answer )
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How do you open SSH for Windows?

Someone can open SSH for windows by using various programs that have been written to open SSH such as OpenSSH for windows. The program can be obtained from the website SourceF ( Full Answer )
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What is a web based SSH client?

SSH stands for Secure Shell servers. A web based SSH site make access possible to these servers through standard web browsers from behind a firewall or proxy.
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How can SSH Secure Shell be installed?

Installing SSH Secure Shell involve several steps. One can find detailed instructions on how to install SSH Secure Shell at websites such as Information Systems Services.
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How do you remove the ssh dir in unix?

I assume you mean the user's ssh directory, which is stored intheir home directory. Use the following command: rm -rf .ssh This will remove any previously used and verified ( Full Answer )
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What does ssh in Linux stsnds for?

SSH stands for Secure Shell. (Often shown as S ecure SH ell.) It is a securemethod for a host computer to connect to a remote computer on thenetwork or over the internet.