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What is SSS?

If three sides of one triangle are congruent to three sides of another triangle, then the triangles are congruent.
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What does sss mean?

Side Side Side for Geometry See the related link for 159 different meanings. Student Support Services or Special Security Service
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What are the importance of SSS?

SSS means Social Security System. It is government program aimed toprovide the basic needs to its citizens who are retired, unemployedand unemployable due to disability.
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What is SSS flexi fund contribution?

For all those who are interested to know more about the SSS Flexi Fund, please follow the link provided below
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Sss employment history?

SSS stands for Philippine Social Security System. To getinformation on sss employment history, visit their website. Makeyour account. They will send you a username and passwor ( Full Answer )
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Check your sss id number?

my father's SSS card have stole last year , and he cant remember his SSS number ,so he cant get a SSS i.d? how can he get his number online?
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What does SSS mean in golf?

Standard Scratch score. STANDARD SCRATCH SCORE . The Standard Scratch Score or SSS is the mechanism used to handle the relative difficulties of different courses. A course o ( Full Answer )
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What is the SSS Theorem?

If the three sets of corresponding sides of two triangles are in proportion, the triangles are similar.
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What is SBR no. or OTC in sss form?

You'll find more information about SSS online registration on this link. Download the PDF file and read the SBR section. ( Full Answer )
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What is SSS designation?

SSS is an abbreviation for many things and thus has many meanings. See the related link for more information.
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What is triangular theorem SSS?

If three sides of one triangle are congruent tothree sides of a second triangle, then the three triangles are congruent.
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What age can apply in sss?

A newborn baby can have a Social Security number issued, if someone makes application for him.
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You want to know your SSS id number?

yes i wan to know my sss no. my name is angelina santiago umali born july 07 1966 because im fogot my no.i need to know my no.because i want me payment here in taiwan thank u ( Full Answer )
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What is a fender showmaster HH and a SSS?

HH=humbucker humbucker SSS=single coil single coil single coil they are referring to the types of pickups used in the guitar
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What is sss and wss?

SSS stands for Strict Sense Stationary and WSS stands for WideSense Stationary. They both refer to certain characteristics ofstochastic processes.
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What is the sss rule?

if you have two triangles you can prove them congruent by stating that all of the sides are congruent, hence (SSS=Side, Side, Side). You can also do the same by stating SAS (S ( Full Answer )
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What is SSS mean in comparing triangles?

Side Side Side when comparing two triangles the side side side postulate states that if three sides from one triangle are congruent to three sides on another triangle the tr ( Full Answer )
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Where can you tryout for SSS warrior cats?

They are not asking for new members to do voice acting right now but i know you will find audition info when they need some voices on youtube :) Only when the need voices thou ( Full Answer )
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What is SSS in email language?

Acronym meaning S***, Shave & Shower. Order of words vary depending on the preferences of the user.
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What is sss in postulate?

This stands for side-side-side. It means if two triangles have three sides that are the same length, than they triangles are congruent.
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Who is secretary of SSS in the Philippines 2011?

he was a former mayor f hilongos leyte and a valedictorian of national vocational school year 2011. he was a former chief legal counsel of england. commonly referred to as the ( Full Answer )
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How can you use SSS with CPCTC?

You can prove that to triangles are congruent with SSS, then use CPCTC to prove that two corresponding angles of those triangles are congruent.
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What is the meanings of sss asa aas and sas?

It is a maths term about making triangles SSS; Side,Side,Side ASA; Angle,Side,Angle AAS; Angle,Angle,Side SAS; Side,Angle,Side
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What does SSS mean in the medical field?

Here are the answers from Wikipedia: . Scotopic sensitivity syndrome , or Irlens syndrome, a visual disorder . Sensation-Seeking Scale , Zuckerman's Sensation-Seeking Scale ( Full Answer )
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How do you process sss loan for ofw?

The acronym "OFW" stands for Overseas Filipino Worker". In order to apply for a SSS (Social Security System), the OFW must be certified as such and must have paid their Nation ( Full Answer )
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What is the AAA theorem and the SSS postulate?

There is no AAA theorem since it is not true. SSS is, in fact a theorem, not a postulate. It states that if the three sides of one triangle are equal in magnitude to the corr ( Full Answer )
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What is SSS used for in geometry?

SSS is a postulate used in proving that two triangles are congruent. It is also known as the "Side-Side-Side" Triangle Congruence Postulate. It states that if all 3 sides of a ( Full Answer )
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What sort of character is SSS in MADLAX?

SSS is a recurring character in the anime series Madlax. He is a mysterious figure who serves as an intermediary between the title character and her clients.
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Is SSS open on Saturday?

It sounds like SSS is the name of a business. To determine if they are open on Saturday, you can call and ask or listen to their voicemail message. You could also search for ( Full Answer )
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Can you pay your sss contributionsemiannually?

No, you can not pay your SSS contributions semiannually. Typically, SSS payments are taken directly out of your pay check by your employer each time you are paid.