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What does Sta abbreviate?

The most popular meaning for the abbreviation "Sta" is "Station". Check out the related links.
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What is STA in 8085?

STA is used to store the content of the accumulator in to the specified memory address. for example STA 4200. it stores the content of accumulator at 4200.
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What does the Latin stem sta mean?

Sta- is from the Latin verb STO, STARE meaning "to stand". From it we get the English word "stationary".
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What does Como sta mean in English?

"¿Cómo está?" means ""How are you", but would normally be used with "usted", as in "¿Cómo está usted?"
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Is Sta Travel UK on Facebook?

"Yes, STA Travel UK has a Facebook page. Once you logon to Facebook, do a quick search for the company and their official page is the first search page that pops up."
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Does STA travel have packages for the UK?

"If your destination is the UK,then STA travel has a package travel deal they can customize for you. Arriving in London and advancing to other UK stops, STA travel agents can (MORE)
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What is the STA school?

A catholic school, STA, meaning "saint Thomas the apostle Catholic school" it is located in Miami, Florida The principle and vice Principal are both woman. Some teachers that (MORE)
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What is sta cable?

Steel tape armoured ( STA ) is only used for buried cables orordinary wear tube, common ground, tunnel laying. For the last ofthe cable package to protect. Steel tape armoured (MORE)