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What is stabbing the ball?

Answer . \nStabbing the ball means when a player tow pusts the ball, instead of using his instep to kick it.therefore tow stabbing the ball originated because your foot loo ( Full Answer )
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What is the synonym for stab?

knife, injure or wound. shank. I dont think shank is a verb, the word shank is another word for an implement.
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Where was Caesar stabbed?

Gaius Julius Caesar, or Caesar was stabbed in the Roman Capitol during a meeting of the senate, by senators who declared themselves to be the 'liberators' of Rome. He was stab ( Full Answer )
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What is stab wound?

A stab wound is any type of injury to the body which results from aobject piercing the skin. They are commonly associated with knivesbut can be caused by any sharp object.
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What happens when you get stabbed?

It depends how big it is you may or may not die...if the cut is like a pen/pencil u should wash it off good with soap and water than put a band-aid on it..if it is a big cut u ( Full Answer )
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Who stabbed Martin Luther king and where was he stabbed?

MLK was not stabbed he was shot. The man charged with his murder was James Earl Ray, an escaped convict. However conspiracy theories surround MLK's death in much the same way ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with stab?

slab, cab, blab Some are blab, cab, crab,dab,drab,fab,flab,gab,grab,jab,lab,nab,slab,scab. See the related link for rhymes with more syllables,
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Who stabbed Jesus?

Assuming that you are referring to when Jesus' side was pierced while He was on the cross, that was done by a Roman soldier. Nowhere in history has anyone found the name of th ( Full Answer )
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How many times did Julius Caesar get stabbed and who stabbed him?

Historically it is 23 times. According to the historians Suetonius, Appian and Plutarch, he was stabbed 23 times in total. According to Suetonius, only one wound, the second ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if you have been stabbed?

You need to try to stop the bleeding (apply pressure to the wound, raise the wound) and go to the hospital.
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How do you survive a stabbing?

A victim of a stabbing should have pressure applied to stop or control the bleeding. Call an ambulance immediately. Get to a hospital as soon as possible.
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What if stabbed your friend?

Go get help. If your sorry for what you did god will forgive you. But if you really did stab someone,turn yourself in
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Why did jt get stabbed?

JT got stabbed because of the Lakehaurst and Degrassi rivalry.Now they could've peed on anyone's car but they peed on JT's.Jt didnt do anything.He was joking around and he was ( Full Answer )
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How do you stab a person?

In general, you don't. Stabbing people is, in most cases, a criminal offence, and you could go to jail for a very long time were you to do so.
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Why does Pindarus stab Cassius?

Cassius will give Pindarus freedom if Pindarus stabs him to death. Titinius was captured by enemy, Cassius is distraught over it. Also Cassius mistakenly concludes that Titini ( Full Answer )
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Do Mayans stab in the heart?

Not only stab, they would rip it of from your body while you we're alive. Aztecs and Mayans used ceremonial daggers (like the replica bellow) to sacrifice people to the Gods ( Full Answer )
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Why does Dobby get stabbed in the last book?

Dobby the house elf died because he was trying to protect Harry, Ron and Hermione and all the others trapped in Malfoy mansion. :(
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Why do the Scream movies skip from Stab to Stab 3?

Considering that there were three years separating the events of Scream 2 & 3, it is plausible that a Stab 2 was made in that time slot.
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Where was mercutio stabbed?

Near his hip on the side in the Baz Luhrmann film, in most plays they did it was in the heart.
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Where can you get stabbed and not die?

It depends on how deep but places on your arm and legs. There is one part on your abdomen area. And your foot. AND PLEASE CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. 21FUNFUN and subscribe. ( Full Answer )
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What is like to be stabbed?

People get stabbed accidentally or deliberately every day and live to tell about it. This question actually has many answers depending on what you were stabbed with and where ( Full Answer )
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Will you get stabbed in London?

Stabbings in London are on the rise but generally speaking that is because guns are outlawed and expensive. Knives become the weapon of choice for self defense and aggressive ( Full Answer )
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What is STAB in Pokemon?

Same Type Attack Bonus. Gives a 1.5 boost to an attack's power if it is same type as attacker.
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What is a bacterial stab?

It's a way of saving/storing bacteria for transport. Say I requested you to send me some E.coli carrying a vector I needed. You would start with a tube carrying solid growth m ( Full Answer )
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Is stab an adverb?

No. Stab is a verb, and also a noun that can be used as an adjunct (e.g. stab wound). The closest adverb form is the awkward "stabbingly" (e.g. severe) referring to the inte ( Full Answer )
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What do you do if you get stabbed?

Don't pull the knife out it keeps you from bleeding to death call 911 or 000 immediately. Leave it in until the emegency unit arrives
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How do you stab kick?

A stab kick in Australian rules is a kick that is very fast and low to the ground, usually not going above eye height. The kick is very much like a very low drop kick - wher ( Full Answer )
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What is a stab column?

Stab column is the one which does not have footing and pedestal support(reinforcement), which it rises from beams or slabs for upper levels . - K @ $ ! civil engineeri ( Full Answer )
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Where was Ceasar stabbed?

Geographically: In Rome, on the floor of the senate building. Anatomically: He received multiple stab wounds to the neck and torso (23 according to the examining physician) ( Full Answer )
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What is Pitchfork Stabbing?

Pitchfork Stabbing is something which is used as an insult yet coincidentally it is the perfect weapon to pop the massive balloon which is the Coleslaw Addicted son , this is ( Full Answer )
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What is meant by stab?

to kill someone with a knife but hit it or push it hard inside there body
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What does it mean when you get stabbed?

It means someone used a sharp object such as a dagger and stuck it through your skin and into your body.
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Where was Caesar when he was stabbed-?

Julius Caesar was stabbed in the portico of the Theatre of Pompey. He was going there for a meeting of the senate. The senate was temporarily meeting at this theatre because C ( Full Answer )