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Why do stains stain?

Stains are made of chemicals with loose ends. These ends stick to loose ends on what they stain.. IN ADDITION: . A stain is a pigment that has to have a surface that will (MORE)
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How do you stain concrete?

There are two general methods to staining concrete: Acid stain orwater-based stain. Acid stains chemically react with the concrete andprovide various earth tone colors. Once (MORE)
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How do you stain wood?

You get a can of the stain you want and experiment on a few pieces of the same wood till you get the colour you want. Don't put on too much at first, you can always darken it (MORE)
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Can you stain concrete with wood stain?

Yes you can use wood stain on concrete but it will not penetrate the concrete, it does look nice and you can use different shades together. To keep the stain on it use a concr (MORE)
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What is a stain?

A stain is a discoloration that distinguishes itself from the material on which it is found. It can be unintentional, in the case of domestic stains on fabric, cloth, or other (MORE)
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What makes a stain a stain?

A stain is a discolouration of any surfance on which it may be found. It may be intentional or accidental. It is caused by the chemical interaction of two or more differing ma (MORE)
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How do get stains out of leather?

There is no one product that will guarantee to get stains out of leather. If a product has this guarantee then there are some type of finish that will be damaged by its use.. (MORE)
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How do you stain aluminum?

Tape off any areas you do want colored, i.e. window frames. Cleanthe aluminum with dish soap and water. Rinse with clean water andallow to dry, or dry by hand. Sand the alumin (MORE)
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What is a simple stain?

Simple stains are used to highlight microorganisms for the purposeof being able to see their structures and shapes. Simple stainscolors commonly used are methylene blue, cargo (MORE)
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How do you get perspiration stains out?

One way to remove perspiration stains is to use baking soda. Mixfour tablespoons of baking soda with 1/4 cup of water. With atoothbrush scrub some of the mixture over the stai (MORE)
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How do you get stains out?

Removing stains depends greatly on what type of stain and what is stained. The first step in removing any stain is lifting as much as possible from the surface, whether that m (MORE)
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What are semen stains?

Spots left on material by the products of male ejaculation. After someone has masturbated and successfully ejaculated, he may leave the semen in his underwear. This will c (MORE)
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What rhymes with stain?

brain . cane . drain . main . mane . lain . Jane . crane . Shane . Wayne
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How do you get a stain out of carpet?

An easy quick, at home way to clean your own carpet: Supplies: rag, hand soap . Get some hand soap and put it all over the stain . Get a rag, and get it wet (not soaked b (MORE)
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How do you get a stain out?

This depend on the stain. Some stains come out in hot water, while others are made worse by hot water. The general method for stain removal is to pretreat the stain and then w (MORE)
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Can you stain bacteria with acidic stain?

around neutral pH the bacteria carry an overall negative charge in its surface. since the acid dyes have a chromophore ( color giving organic part of the stain) with a negati (MORE)
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What makes stains stain?

Early dyes were made of plant matter. One example is Indigo, nowcommonly used for blue jeans. Now it is a man-made chemical. But itwas very popularly grown in India and Japan (MORE)
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What is the primary stain in the PAS stain?

Periodic acid-Schiff ( PAS ) is a staining method used in histology and pathology. This method is primarily used to identify glycogen in tissues. The reaction of periodic aci (MORE)
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A gram stain is what type of stain?

This a differential stain. It can "show" what type of bacteria there are on the slide, that plus colony type can give clue as to the identity of the "bug". It is important bec (MORE)
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Can you stain on top of the old stain?

yes you can and the stain can change colors if there is a juice stain for example thats red and a grass stain the stain color could change
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What kind of stain do you stain Mycobacterium with?

For Mycobacterium you will use the Acid-fast staining technique. There are two different methods of stainging: 1) Ziehl-Neelsen Method and 2) Kinyoun Method. 1) The Ziel-N (MORE)
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How do you get an oil stain out?

well its simple , ask joe curry the expert ! he knows all about all about oil stains and chinos ;) !
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Why do tomato sauce stains stain?

Tomato Sauce has a chemical in it called Lycopene. Lycopeneis the chemical in a tomato that gives it a beautiful redcolour.... Hope this helps!
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Is a gram stain a simple stain?

Gram stain is not a simple stain because simple stains do not use two or more stains. Gram stain is a differential stain differentiating between Gram positive (blue-black) and (MORE)
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Is gram staining special staining?

yes it is a special staining like other types....its importance is that one can identify the type of bacteria........
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Can l stain on stain?

Yes, you can, but it's difficult to get a satisfactory appearance as it is now not soaking into the wood.
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Does eyeshadow stain?

No, any brand and kind of eyeshadows can be remove by makeup remover or cleanser..
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What is Glass Staining?

Either: 1- The bending of glass into objects like pots and glass drinking cups, lightbulbs, vases etc.... 2- The making of glass in-transparent (making it matte); so that (MORE)
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Why do you get rust stains?

Assuming you're talking about rust stains on outdoor brick orconcrete, you could get them from the sprinkler system if the homehas well water. Also, areas (generally in the US (MORE)
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What is stain negative?

A negative stain is a stain that colorizes the area surrounding the cells you are trying to look at. If you dont use a stain to stain the cells, they will appear colorless.
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How do you change a stain?

well first u put more of the stain on then u put bleach no matter what color it is then add soap and put it in the wash but don't dry let it air dry then put it in the sink af (MORE)
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Why does your urine stains?

Urine stains because it contains some waste matters from the body, eg, urea, salt and some form of smells
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Why you do staining?

Staining is done to help determine what the sample is. It makes it visible under a microscope and it gives some information about the structure of the cell. A positive Gram st (MORE)