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What is a stir drum?

Answer . \nA stir drum is a wooden instrument made up of differing lengths of wood completing a circle. The bottom is solid and there is no top. The varied sizes of woode ( Full Answer )
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Why do you stir paint?

to mix all ingredients smoothly toghether, paint, hardner, reducers, and additives. Your mom doesn't make a cake without blending it does she?
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Can not stir what causes that?

I had the same prob, turned out I was using a fork.. Now I use a spoon. I had the same prob, turned out I was using a fork.. Now I use a spoon
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Function of stirring rod?

It is used to stir liquids in a container(like beaker erlenmeyer flask and graduated cylinder). ella17
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USE OF stirring rod?

used to stir two or more chemicals. It's also used in decanting (which is a fancy chemistry way of saying "pouring").
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Stirring rod use?

As the name suggests, it is a rod used to stir substances to increase rate of the substance in dissolving the substances such that less time is taken.
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What are the instructions for the Stir Crazy Popcorn?

USING YOUR STIR CRAZY ® CORN POPPER Place popper base on flat, dry surface. The heat-resistant base allows for safe table use. Preparing Popcorn There are two model ( Full Answer )
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What Are Stirrings in The Giver?

Stirrings are feelings of "wanting." The additional implications are that they occur at the onset of puberty, and involve the first sexual feelings of adolescence. When Jonas ( Full Answer )
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What is the stirring from The Giver?

Stirrings are the sexual desires males and females experience atone part of their childhood, (also thought of as puberty). InJonas' dream, he wants to bathe Fiona. Wanting is ( Full Answer )
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What are the Stirrings in The Giver?

aww do i remember reading that its pretty much the way of likeing boys and girls and stuff like that i dont want to get to much into it but lets just call it growing hormones
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Can you stir a solid?

yes, to a certain degree. Stirring can be used to move and combine any mixture, regardless of the phase, assuming the two do not either react or dissolve.
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How long do you stir paint?

First, turn it upside down (make sure the lid is secure). Leave for 15 minutes. Stir with a paint stick or wooden spoon until all swirls are gone and it looks even. Usually ab ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell stir?

The word is spelled stir, just as you spelled it. Unless you stir macaroni as it boils, it will stick to the bottom of the pot.
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Why is stir fry healthy?

Stir Fry is usually veggies with oil and meat. Everything is heatedbut not cooked through for a long time. That means all good thingslike vitamins and minerals are still there ( Full Answer )
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Why does stirring speed up dissolving?

It speeds up dissolving because for example when you have a sugar cube and you drop it in water it will dissolve very slowly because only the outside layer is getting exposed ( Full Answer )
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Do you have to stir mulch?

It is helpful to "fluff" your mulch once every year or two. This helps add some air and reduce compaction.
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What is the function of stir rod?

to stir liquid - to make stirring safer depending on what substance is being used
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Why is stir frying healthy?

Stir fry is a very quick method of cooking, so the vitamins in the food are not destroyed, very little fat or oil is used and the main ingredients of most stir fry are fresh v ( Full Answer )
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Why do you need to stir the water in the calorimeter?

You need to stir the water because the heat energy coming off whatever you put into the calorimeter (whether it be food, metal, etc.) won't evenly distribute its heat througho ( Full Answer )
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Does stirring impact boiling water?

Yes, stirring will slow any bubbling going on with boiling water, and if stirred for a long enough time it will lower the temperature by adding air to the water.
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What is the purpose of stirring and heating?

by heating we increase the inter moleculer space of the solvent so the solute particles get in the increased space and by stirring also the same purpoose is served . in short ( Full Answer )
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What are stirring in The Giver?

Stirrings are any kinds of sexual desires, which are repressed in the novel through the use of pills.
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How many calories are in a stir fry?

It depends on what kind of stir fry it is, and how much of it you eat. But assuming it's a 1 cup serving of the average chicken stir fry, it would be about 200-250 calories.
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Why is a stir fry called 'Stir Fry'?

Stir fry is called Stir fry because it is made in a wok and you stir the meal to cook it, otherwise it burns, and also you fry it in a wok.
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What is a sentence with stirring?

7If you can go an hour without stirring up trouble it will be a record for you
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How do stir frying and sauteing differ?

Technically, stir frying in done in a wok and sauteing is done in a flat-bottomed pan.
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Why you have to stir naphthalene when cooling process?

To avoid supercooling. Supercooling may occur if a liquid is cooled too quickly. It's temperature falls below it's normal freezing point without the appearance of solid.
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Do you use a ladle to stir?

Well not most of the time. Ladles would usually be used for liquids. Spatulas would be more preferable for stirring. Ladles are good for stirring liquids.
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What is stir for cooking?

'Stir' is the term used when you are mixing a substance in cooking. You take a spoon (preferably a spoon) and move it in a circular motion. Hope I helped!
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Is stir a noun?

Yes, the word stir is both a noun (stir, stirs) and a verb (stir, stirs, stirring, stirred). The noun stir is a singular, common noun, a word for a state of disturbance, ( Full Answer )
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Why do you stir soup?

Stirring soup as it cooks helps to distribute the ingredients for even cooking and also keeps the soup from sticking on the bottom of the pan and scorching.